personal style

  1. whats your personal style
    or do you just keep up with the latest trends thats out at the time
  2. i love babydoll, tunic length type of clothes over jeans as it helps my small waist and hips proportions better.

    i also love strapless or off the shoulder tops because i have great collarbone/shoulders..and it just makes me feel more sexy

    boy tanks over jeans when i'm feeling casual

    skirts and sweaters when i want to dress up more.

    =) of course i stick to colors that look best on me, orange, yellow, brown, white and black
  3. I tend to dress either very girly -- bows, lace, pastels, miniskirts, high heels (not all all once!) -- or more "structural" -- a la early 2000s; I love deconstructed white shirts, architecturally-inspired jackets, trapeze coats, etc.

    But I swear one day I will be quite eccentric in what I wear! :nuts: It'll be Philip Treacy hats, Lacroix couture (he makes the best coats!), Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcon, Junya Watanabe, Vivienne Westwood, Trash Couture, Balenciaga, Marni, Doo.Ri, Peter Som, Derek Lam -- I wear some of this already but it will be over-the-top fantastic! (As soon as I find a city that embraces this sort of eccentricity! :biggrin: I'm not brave enough to be too crazy in what I wear out in public, given how conservative my town is.)
  4. For evenings, I like:

    warmer weather:
    floaty chiffon dresses in bright colors (Emanuel Ungaro!), preferrably ruffled; Missoni knit dresses

    colder weather
    embellished (sequinned, feathered, beaded, etc.) mini dresses with Swarovski encrusted stilettos ([SIZE=-1]Rene Caovilla[/SIZE], Giuseppe Zanotti, Roberto Cavalli) under a coat with a large fur collar
  5. Hmmm...everyday wear runs on the boring side..with jeans, t's, sweats being a staple.
    My evening attire is way more exciting!! I love skimpy, but not slutty! Cavalli, Pucci, D &G. I usually mix it up, with one interesting piece...whether it be the crazy top, with the plain pants or vice versa...or plain all over, and with crazy jewelry. And heels!!
  6. I seem to have an underlying style, that changes slightly, every few years. I then pick and choose from the new offerings, that I like and add them to my existing items.

    I am very aware of the new trends, but I do not allow myself to be ruled by them. I avoid anything I don't like and often buy outside the trends, too.

    I often find that things I like become trends, a year or two later, so it's better for me to buy what I like, rather than slavishly following the trends, because it tends to stay in fashion for longer.

    At the moment, my style's a sort of slightly glam, vintage, opulent, hippy, '80s, rock chick amalgam! :lol:
  7. my style changes a lot. but there's always something that made it still me.
    like from the colour i choose or how i accesorize it.
  8. Gosh I don't know. I have so many different outfits, some boho, some uptown ladylike, some power suits.

    Can someone provide a list of all personal style "definitions" or archetypes? I would like to categorize my self. hehe!
  9. conservative chic
  10. I like the classic style.
    I tend to buy shoes,purses and clothes that are able to be worn forever.. not a trendy person- i may splurge a lil..I hate to buy something and spend $1g on it and next year you are ridiculed for wearing....
    basic black,blues, red and greys...
    I love Jackie O's look
  11. Excellent thread...

    My style icon is Jennifer Aniston... which is not to say I am anywhere NEARLY as stylish as she is, but it should give some idea of my taste. :smile: I like neutral colors (85% of my closet is black, cream, brown, navy, gray, etc.) and figure-flattering basics in classic shapes. If I incorporate trends, i do it in my accessories.

    I also LOVE jewelry -- especially necklaces, so I tend to wear a lot of v-neck tops. I only wear a couple of pieces at one time, but it's my favorite part of getting dressed. I love to go into my jewelry boxes and pick out exactly the right piece or two to accent whatever I'm wearing.
  12. My style icons are (the late) Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Nicole Kidman. I really thought I'd end up a tall, leggy blonde but oh well I am a short-legged brunette with blonde highlights. :lol:

    My style is classic but with a personal twist. If I follow trends it will be something pretty understated or dark colored. For example, i have a pretty lowcut v-neck top I wear going out but it's black and short sleeved, not spaghetti-strapped, and I wear it with jeans or black slacks, not a mini. A couple years ago I bought a black and white floral straight skirt sprinkled with clear sequins and topped with a denim waistband. But it was a little longer than mid calf and I wore it with a simple, black ruched tank.
  13. stupidly casual :biggrin:

    i wear on a daily basis: Cashmere cardigan, tee, jeans, and a headband

    Evening wear: depends, formal= nice dress + heels, night out= jeans, chiffon top + heels

    summer vacation wear: skirt, babydoll top, and flip flops

    and a nice bag applies to all of above
  14. I like a clean look. Classic--crisp white shirts, white silk shirts. Great jeans. I learned to buy things that are more expensive and will last for years. Quality versus quanity--no trends for me. I rather spend my money on LV bags and some great silk scarves that will last forever. I think as one gets older (I am 40+) we learn from our past mistakes and realize what works for us. Of couse I still have friends who think they can dress like their teenagers and also still have their highschool hair so some people can get caught up in a time warp......
  15. ^^ i dress timelessly casual..... im not into the big trends, but if its actually cute, id wear a teenager but i have a more sophisticated style than someone elses perspective of a teenager :biggrin:

    still stupidly casual though LOLZ