Personal Shoppers on Ebay - new bbags

  1. I haven't bought from Personal Shoppers, but I've heard from others that she sells only authentic bags. I thought I'd point out that she has some new ones on Ebay including lots of blue ones.
  2. Thanks winternight! Hey, what did you decide on the Magenta and ink b-bags?
  3. I've decided to send back my shoulder bag, its just too small. I would sell it on Ebay, but I don't know if I'd break even, since the two that have sold on Ebay went for less. Its a great color, I liked it even more in person than I did on the website (more magenta, richer coloring, soft leather) but I think I need a bigger bag to really get the most out of it.

    So now I'm in the market for a first or city probably in magenta for the summer to wear around on weekends. (I do really want to see that ink in person though - I love dark colors!). I'm just having a hard time spending that kind of money on a bag. My sister (who is a 1L) insists that I should have more designer purses then her, which cracks me up because I've bought her a few over the past two years. I've also just started my first real legal job, after clerking.
  4. I can totally relate! When i first started as an Associate, I would have freaked out at spending that kind of money on a bag- so I say, all in good time! Before you know it, you will have several b-bags I am sure! How exciting though, your first legal job! You should be very proud of yourself! Maybe a brand new b-bag is exactly how you should celebrate! ;) LOL!
  5. Thanks! I'm a government lawyer, but I'm pretty well paid for one, so its not too bad. Maybe I'll get an ink sometime too - I love that color!
  6. GO FOR IT! You will love it! :love:
  7. thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  8. ink is gorgeous!!! and thanks for the tip on the personalshoppers!