Personal shoppers in Toronto?

  1. I've heard of this service and am really interested in looking into it. My understanding is that it's usually free. (Personal stylists are a whole 'nutha ball of wax which I can ill afford!) I desperately need a new wardrobe for Spring for work and I'm a bit lost when it comes to putting things together! Even worse - I quit smoking and I gained ten pounds so none of my pants fit so I kinda gotta get started in my search pronto! :wtf:

    Does anyone know of any personal shoppers - or wardrobe consultants in Toronto that they can post or pm me with?
  2. Go to Holts, they have personal shoppers. If you get one of their cards you automatically get the service.
    I don't know any by name though..................
  3. Yorkdale Mall has a personal shopper service...their personal shoppers work for the entire mall as opposed to just Holt Renfrew...I've never used the service but my sister did when she was trying to build a work wardrobe after graduating from university and she said it was very helpful...good luck
  4. I was just going to say the same thing. Best selection is obviously Bloor street holts but Yorkdale is pretty good to.