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  1. I've been on the hunt for a chevron caviar mini. I tried one personal shopper who isn't responsive at all, one who is essentially the same price as buying it US (if we had them) and then another one who has been great but asked for PayPal friends and family payment. I got her info from here but can't remember where from. Her Insta is withlovetl.

    Can someone vouch that she's good with delivering? I've never used a personal shopper before so I don't know what to expect and what's the norm.
  2. Uhhhh no! I had a personal shopper ask me to do friends and family also about a week ago. When I looked at it, it seemed like you trust that person if you're doing this. I called PayPal and they said no, don't do that. That person must have "malintent". I contacted a different personal shopper and ordered a mini and she is getting is from another personal shopper overseas. Should be shipped out to me tomorrow. But the price is going to be about same girlie cuz they have to charge something for their "work", then shipping it. If you want my ladies info, PM me.
  3. Which Mini did you get? : )
    I'm also looking for one - will PM you!
    Thank you!
  4. I ordered the bright blue!! 😍💙 I PMd you back
  5. How wonderful! :love:

    Thank you - I replied! :biggrin:
  6. I used withlovetl for some espadrilles and a blue mini.

    She offered me friends and family paypal or invoiced paypal. I went for invoiced but she charges 5% for this. Maybe don't use friends and family for your first transaction if you're wary! I didn't want to use friends and fam just because I haven't used her before.. But received my items, and happy :smile:
  7. I use a personal shopper that's based in London for items we don't receive here in the states. she's really responsive and super nice. She accepts multiple forms of payment and I chose a PayPal invoice which has a 5% fee. Let me know if you want her info!
  8. could I have her info?? Thanks! :smile:
  9. could I have her info?? Thanks! :smile:
  10. I absolutely would not use Friends and Family payment with someone you have never used and doesn't know- even if you get good reviews of this person. Even scammers don't scam everyone!
  11. By the way ladies... paypal friends & family now has buyer protection. also i would pay with an Amex if you have it for an extra layer of protection. They are great with this stuff!
  12. Just to add...what many won't tell you but needs to be noted is that if you're going to get an item shipped from abroad (like US to EU or vice versa) customs might charge you import costs which varies per country. You need to calculate this into your total cost and the seller can't prepay this, it's totally for the recipient upon delivery.
  13. Does anyone know of this personal shopper on EBay, LULAGER? Reputable seller? Would [emoji173]️ to hear from TPF members, TIA!!
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