Personal shopper in Paris?

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations of a personal shopper in Paris with a good track record of obtaining birkins or kellys from the Hermes store(s)? If you are willing to share.
  2. Me!!! Just kidding!

    Are you going to Paris?
  3. You might try contacting Suzan Becker of Shop in France. She's a personal shopper who conducts/arranges shopping trips to Paris, is fluent in French and seems to have good relationships with many of the stores there.

    Paris Travel and French Products

  4. i think Park Hyatt Vendome offered me a personal shopper specialised on luxury goods!
    You could give them a call...
  5. OMG.......this is my dream job!!!!
  6. Yes, I am using her services right now and she is lovely, very prompt on communication and I am totally happy with her services so far.

    You should give her a I know that she is in Paris right now...and checks her emails regularly
  7. Problem have cooties!
  8. LOL! Shopmom...why don't you start your business now in your area? Hee hee
  9. .....need Terminex first, KB........LOL!!!!!
  10. Wow that would be a great new avenue of authentic H bags and accessories!! Wow wow wow
  11. What are you talking about D - you're a personal shooper's just that I'm stingy on the commission.......
  12. LOL - D, I think you're everyone's personal shopper! At least on TPF!
  13. How does it work, can she get anything you want? Can you give us an exemple? Does she charge a lot?
  14. That would be my dream job too!!! :tender:
  15. I havent had any luck getting a response despite two emails, so I assume this is not something she is in a position to do, or willing to do, for a new client.