Personal Shopper as Reseller


Apr 13, 2006
I have had experience only once with a personal shopper and it was a great one. I have to ask her to purchase the item from Europe since its not available here in US. She did it Black and white with Paypal invoice. Went to Chanel store there and sent videos thru WhatsApp to let me choose which bag and color I want (From there I was sure its authentic) was very patient to model the bags and show every detail. And shipping was fast. It might be a bit expensive since you have to pay Paypal fees and taxes but it's worth it to get pieces you wouldn't normally get as long as the Personal Shopper is somebody you have trust already or is reputable. By the way, the bag I recieved is brand new and aauthentic.
I sent you a PM ;)


Sep 5, 2006
Just curious, how are personal shoppers able to take photos and videos of items so easily? I'd guess this sort of 3rd-party business isn't really condoned by Chanel.

Pretty much just asking because every time I've tried to take pics of me trying on bags, I've been told I couldn't by the SAs. I don't even bother anymore...haha.