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  1. As I am contemplating a preowned bag found by a personal shopper in the UK (I'm in US) and wondering how well she has looked it over to be sure of it's authenticity, I began to wonder what the ladies here on TPF thought about using personal shopppers as resellers? Anyone have any experience with this? Are you against it? For it? Do you think it's more risky or less risky than buying from a reputable resell site? Especially in light of Fashionphile's recent misstep with a boy bag. :nuts:

    Obviously I would rather buy from the boutique, a thousand times over, but as well all know with Chanel; when you miss that one seasonal bag you are at the mercy of the interwebs...
  2. Have you made sure the bag is not available here-which bag are you looking for?
  3. I have had experience only once with a personal shopper and it was a great one. I have to ask her to purchase the item from Europe since its not available here in US. She did it Black and white with Paypal invoice. Went to Chanel store there and sent videos thru WhatsApp to let me choose which bag and color I want (From there I was sure its authentic) was very patient to model the bags and show every detail. And shipping was fast. It might be a bit expensive since you have to pay Paypal fees and taxes but it's worth it to get pieces you wouldn't normally get as long as the Personal Shopper is somebody you have trust already or is reputable. By the way, the bag I recieved is brand new and aauthentic.
  4. Of course it happens to be a major unicorn: an old med caviar black boy bag with ghw. I've been searching for close to two years. They come up occasionally here in the states, but always around $6000, which is just too much for a bag with no warranty and pre-owned to boot. No matter HOW much I'd like to own it. The US dollar is stronger than the pound, which makes the price more palatable.

    The shopper has a sizable social media presence and a good rep, though most of her items are straight from the boutique. I'm nervous because she only accepts bank xfer, she's been burned by pp, and I really am uncomfortable paying that way.

    It stinks! I just want to buy a bag with no drama! Argh.
  5. I would love that! Thank you!
  6. I'm so glad you've had a good experience. That sounds like one heck of a good shopper. :smile:

  7. As suggested, I would have the bag authenticated by Etinceler before making
    the purchase. Once you know the bag is indeed authentic it is your choice
    as to how comfortable you will feel paying with a bank transfer.

    I would also take DrAtty up on her offer just to double check to see if that
    bag is available.. This could also work out for you.

    Good luck to you as you are really between a rock & a hard place..
  8. Thank you so much for your input and encouragement. I'm definitely going to do some more checking around. :smile:
  9. Im definitely a little uncomfortable paying by bank transfer to a personal shopper. I have bought hard to find items from them but personally only used paypal. In terms of the authenticity - I agree with everyone else - definitely get it authenticated by Etinceler before paying. If you pm me the personal shoppers name I can let you know my thoughts (if I have used them before) as I'm based in the UK and know most of the big ones
  10. Buying a newer pre owned bag comes with it's own set of challenges. It will have to be authenticated in person as it can't be done with pics alone. Even a shopper with the best of intentions could unknowingly buy a fake.
  11. Yes!! This is EXACTLY what I'm afraid of. I trust her, I'm just nervous she won't be able to tell either! ha!
  12. Definitely agree with this and there seems to be lot of boy caviar fakes on ebay etc. You won't be protected with a bank transfer. You could try and convince her to use paypal - I have done this before with a personal shopper by offering to cover the additional paypal fee so that they don't lose out
  13. Me neither. Will stay far far away with somebody that would not accept Paypal, regardless of what their alibi is. Also, For double protection, I always attached a credit card with my Paypal to pay so if just in case, something got fishy like I did not get the item or the item is not authentic, then there's Paypal's buyer's protection and my credit card's anti-fraud protection. Bank Transfer is a "no-no"😯
  14. +1 PayPal protection and/or Credit Card protection is a must. Paying via wire transfer is like buying a Chanel without the Authenticity card to me. No A card = no buy. JMHO.
  15. I absolutely agree with both of you and as a matter of fact, I've done the same thing with PayPal by backing up with my AmEx.

    In this case, I just wanted the darn bag so much, I was trying to talk myself in to it, but ultimately, I knew I wouldn't be comfortable.

    Thanks again for all the advice!
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