Personal SA at LV ?!

  1. Hi guys.

    Going through a lot of these helpfull threads about Louis Vuitton, I've noticed that some of you / actually a lot you use the line "my personal SA" or "my SA"

    Do you deal with the same person every time at Vuitton ? 'Cause going through my bills from the store, I've been helped from different persons each time.

    Even though I may mention, that I don't go to the store on a monthly basis. We'r talking 2-3 times a year :sad:

    Anyway - please help me out here: Do you ask for a speciel SA when you enter the store, or are you recognized by your SA ?
  2. I try to use the same one as it's the easiest, but I do know about 70% of the SAs by name and say hi to them etc. I've been hanging around too much..
  3. I usually always ask for a specific SA on the telephone (when I do charge sends) and I will wait for them to call me back if they're not available.
    When I'm in the store I specifically look for one SA...and if they're not in that day then I'll use someone else. If they are 'in' and helping someone else then I'll wait.

    Building a relationship with an SA is a great thing for trying to get limited items or VIC status.
  4. LOL... I was lucky enough to meet a few gracious ladies on the LV subforum who pointed me toward a lovely SA. I think the SA only remembers me b/c I came en masse w/them...she's super nice and I stick with her b/c I know she'll know I'm a someoen who loves LV even if I come dressed a little sloppy or w/o my LV bags!
  5. I use the same SA and she rocks. I love her. She even called me at home to wish me a Happy Bday. When I walk in to LV all the other SAs refer to me as -----'s customer and let me know if she's in and if so where in the store (out Boutique is 2 stories high). I do have to admit that my hubby talks to her more than I do. If she's not in I will use a different SA if I NEED to have it then. She's so awesome though that I prefer to give her my business.
  6. Oh stop, she remembers you...we talk about you (and all the other gals) all the time! LOL
  7. I have a couplre of regular SA's, then tend to see me and come over when I walk in or if they are busy they tell me there be over as soon as possible. I usually say hello to everyone but even though the other SA's know me they tend to leave me to be served by my regulars.
  8. I have scattered SA's.

    So to correctly answer your question, no. I dont have just one. However, I am often traveling out of the country and in between states so my SA depends on my location in the world!
  9. i have 2 dedicated SA's at my main LV boutique, and 2 at the Saks LV store... I shope with them always!
  10. So far I have 1 that I especially like in each boutique (there are 2 in my city) but they aren't always in and I've been helped by others. I am going to try and start working w/ one particular one because then I am more likely to get insider info! :graucho:
  11. I use one SA and I love her. :smile:
  12. There's no LV store where I live at the moment, so I meet a new SA every time I visit a LV store, in different countries and cities. :smile: Usually around Europe.
  13. I only have one SA and she's awesome! When she's with another customer, I always wait for her. I even know her days off and I always call the store first just in case she called in sick!
  14. I mostly go through the same one but it depends on which department they're the head of. I have an SA for the bags/leather goods and another for the accessories. It just depends, I have dealt with most of the SAs in my store and like them all, really.
  15. I wish I could say that I have a SA that I deal with all the time, but I don't. The closest place that I make my purchases is in San Antonio. I have used a different SA for each of my purchases. Once the assistant manager at Saks helped me and he was great. He gave me his card and the sale was so smooth. I was having a hard time choosing and the first SA became frustrated and moved on to someone else. Her loss because we spent $1000. :p