Personal, recent musings about Hermes and luxury bags in general


Jan 2, 2007
I hope that title fits, lol! This is going to be long, and I apologize for the nonsensical rant! I thought about not posting this, because I'm probably just repeating earlier concerns, but you guys are the only ones I can get good advice from!

I suppose a lot of you know (lol) I'm waiting on my 31cm Rose Shocking Chevre Bolide...supposed to be bought in September! :yes:

But I made a mistake the other day :s I brought my sister with me to Hermes for the first time. She goes to FSU, and was visiting. I had to pick up my new Ulysse, so I wanted her to tag along. Big mistake. I excitedly showed her the Bolide I plan on purchasing, not the RS one, but the same one in in Turquoise Chevre. She said "that's what you're spending your $$ on??? Not worth it babe" :crybaby:

My sister is younger than I am, by 17 months, and is a fashion merchandising major. She's heavily into trendy clothing, so she only shops at Forever 21, because the clothing is trendy/cheap and she can buy tons of it and pitch it all in a week if she wants to. I'm not the same way; I buy expensive pieces and use them season after season. My wardrobe has logic to it, while she can barely remember what she bought yesterday.

Her comment really hurt my feelings. She told me later she said it because I'm only 22 and I have a long time to buy really nice bags, and that I should start out with more "reasonable" items, like the LV Azur Speedy I had bought that day as my throw-around bag. Hell she didn't even like that, she thought I was a fool for not buying regular monogram because it's "classic", but I don't like labels!

I hate it when Erin talks like that, because she has a pretty heavy influence on me and is the only one out of my entire family/friends that can talk me down from something. In a way I want to agree with her, that being 22 and in college isn't as normal a way to start the Hermes bag lifestyle. But I've seen plenty of people do it! That it would be more reasonable to start it when I'm out of college. But at the same time, I have the funds to do it, so I think, why not? I guess her point was that I could be more productive with my funds and buy multiple good bags now and buy the super good ones later on.

I don't know now :crybaby:I'm so mad at her for saying that stuff!!! I just don't know what to do.

Part of me is saying I'm crazy if I don't get my Bolide, because I know I like it (even though Miss Speedy and I aren't getting along in the hand-held department right now) and part of me is saying I'm being an idiot, why am I laboring so much over a bag, and why don't I compromise and not blow so much on a single bag at 22. I know I could easily just get a Trim as my first bag (a shoulder bag, my usual type of bag, the original one I had desired when I first walked into Hermes) for a good price and love it just as much, and a wallet in Oct. and be pretty content. But I don't even think a Rose Shocking Trim exists!! But then I'd have room left to buy other bags that would be useful. I'd be able to combat my doubt with more ease about purchasing the Bolide if I hadn't stumbled onto the conclusion that the design has been around for years, and it's not going anywhere.

But what other bags would I get with leftover funds??? Erin says I need to have a variety, have some LV, some Chanel, some Fendi. LV is fine with me, if it's in damier azur, because the label thing just gets to me, but there aren't a ton of bags in that line in the first place. I need to get a tote or two for casual days and university, but Hermes takes priority with me. Sure I'd love one of the classic Chanel bags, but they aren't very practical for me, not a lot of space inside of them. I'm not sure when those are appropriate :confused1: I think she threw in the Fendi thing for herself, because she loves B bags, but I can't carry a bag like that, they're too screaming-ly detailed for my wardrobe. The solid color of Hermes bags works far more for me!

My family isn't into high end luxury goods, outside of jewelry. They really just do not see the point. My Dad has his own company and earns a lot, but he's a southern boy and spends his funds on buying property in the mountains, antiques, new trucks, and tractors/farm equipment :sweatdrop: He bought my LV bag for me the other day and thought I was a sucker, asked why I just didn't add on to my ring collection instead. Mom doesn't care anyway around, she just spends most of her funds on jewelry, shoes and self-pampering. She's never been a style maven. My sister's style changes so rapidly she can't keep anything around long (from clothing to cell phones), short of her jewelry, her LV's, and her massive sunglass collection. So I'm coming from a family that completely fails to understand why I would rather spend major $ on ONE bag than save it or use some it on a lot of smaller items, which makes my life that bit more difficult when it comes to purchasing.

I need advice :crybaby: What do you, my fellow kind Hermes lovers, think that I should do? I know I rambled a lot, and I hope it all makes sense, but I was just thrown for a loop after being so sure for so long, and am trying to mentally recover, even it is a trivial issue.

Should I follow my original desire for the Bolide, or should I build up a wardrobe of bags that can be used for different occasions, including some lighter Hermes bags, before making the big jump to the Bolide/Kelly/Birkin? I guess it's different for me because it seems as though most people that collect Hermes have other bags that they collected before, and therefore had a true starting point. But I don't, I just now have that one LV bag, lol. I never collected luxury bags before this year! What did you girls do to get to the Hermes point? It seems as though most of you had a good, solid, logical progression into Hermes and I just kind of ran to the edge of the cliff and nose-dived gearless, at times :P


Mar 25, 2006
Neeya, buy the Bolide if you know that it's one bag that you will use, and feel proud using. There is no point "delaying" your purchase, which is what you'd set your mind onto doing, in the first place. So what if you buy ALL the other bags. Your heart will still pine for your RS Bolide. In the long run, you will spend more $$$$.

I can understand how you feel. I think you need to sit down with your sister, and let her know how you feel. Tell her that her words/advice/opinion means a lot to you etc, and that you would be very happy if she could support you in your desire to get the bag of your dreams.


Jan 13, 2007

I think about the very same thing, every day.... every time I go shopping and find purses that are beautiful and a lot cheaper. Should I hold out for the one big H bag, or get a variety from various designers? Of course the problem is that H is so expensive and most of us can't buy multiple bags whenever we want.

As far as your RS Bolide, I would say wait until it comes in, and make your decision then. It will either take your breath away (which I am sure it will), or else you will know in your heart that it is too much money to pay for a purse at the moment.

If I hadn't put myself on a purse ban, I would have at least 10 more "other" designer purses while I am waiting for my birkin to come in.
Oct 25, 2006
^^ITA. You've been wanting the Bolide for awhile. Get the Bolide, then as time goes on, you'll know what else you will want in your collection. It may be H, or it may not.
But the important thing is to enjoy your Bolide. She may be your sister, and her input means alot to you, but you have different tastes--you don't have to like everything she buys and vice versa.
Feel better.


Sep 10, 2006
I am with MrsS on this. If you know that your heart is set on the RS Bolide, then get it. It is not worth settling for a lesser bag (whether in terms of price or your preference for it) because in the long run you will only spend more money trying to acquire both the lesser bags and then your grail, and you will run into a lot of frustrations.

22 is young for a lot of things, but I don't see how age should be a factor if you can enjoy classic items that will last a long time. From your post, it sounds like you know your style and aren't one to flit from one trend to another just because it's the latest, so I say go for a classic piece that makes your heart beat extra fast :yes:


Plain Jane
Sep 30, 2005
She buys her clothes at Forever 21, 'nuf said.

Here's some cliches: "Not that there's anything wrong with that" "Dif'rent Strokes"

If it makes her happy to shop at Forever 21 and it makes you happy shopping at Hermes, who is to stop you if you can afford it without going bankrupt?

I started with Coach in the 1980's and just had their classics (legacies) nice leather. Now that they have gone mass market and have their logos & monogram all over their bags, I stopped about buying Coach about 5 years ago.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when my housecleaner proudly showed me her Coach bag!!!

Now not that I'm being snobbish (why am I apologizing? I am what I am) anyway I feel that if I am used as a walking advertisement for big monogrammed bags, they have to pay ME not the other way around.

Stick to your guns...quality over quantity I say!


Nov 1, 2006

I think about the very same thing, every day.... every time I go shopping and find purses that are beautiful and a lot cheaper. Should I hold out for the one big H bag, or get a variety from various designers? Of course the problem is that H is so expensive and most of us can't buy multiple bags whenever we want.

As far as your RS Bolide, I would say wait until it comes in, and make your decision then. It will either take your breath away (which I am sure it will), or else you will know in your heart that it is too much money to pay for a purse at the moment.

If I hadn't put myself on a purse ban, I would have at least 10 more "other" designer purses while I am waiting for my birkin to come in.

I think this is exactly what I would have said myself (except that I'm not waiting for a birkin to come in)


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
You and your sister are opposite types:
She: mass & cheap
You: class & expensive

In my personal philosophy, I'd rather buy more expensive and high quality things because they last longer. And I wear/carry them year after year after year after year.
I expect my Hermes bags to last me until the end of my days and then some.
So, the question that you should ask yourself is: will I be carrying that RS Bolide in 20 years? And not: is it worth it?
You have been infected with the orange bug and whatever you do, you will NOT be able to stop thinking about that bag. No matter how many other bags you buy in her place.
So you had better buy the bag you love because that's the cheapest way and totally worth it!
May 11, 2007
Neeya, get the bag you want.Like you, i have no H bags yet. i have 2 Bottega bags and a Barbara Bui satchel , that is my workhorse (funny i said that, because im a stay at home mum!) Take your time, keep looking through the threads, and in boutiques, and see if anything else jumps out at you.
IMO, you dont necessarily need a load of bags for different occasions, just a few carefully selected ones . (anything else is just a bonus:smile:
oh, and i totally sympathise with you about your sister. My sister is 11 months younger than me. And one comment from here makes me question my decisions and confidence.
The other day when i wore my first H scarf, she didnt even mention it, so i asked her "what do you think?" and she replied "oh, i suppose its alright, if you like that kinda thing"
I love:heart: her dearly, but she has some sort of mysterious hold over me!!!!


May 25, 2006
Neeya, you have seemed so certain that this is *the* bag for you, that when you find it, you should get it and love it. Everyone's circumstances are different; I would not try to compare yourself to other 22-year-olds, or other college students.

I think you have already identified the difference in philosophy between your approach to fashion and your sister's; I think these are just different ways of looking at your wardrobe/closet, and you should not worry that her philosophy is different. Mine is more like yours, but I can understand her enjoying chasing the next-best-thing every season.

As for the 0-to-60 acceleration to wanting the Hermes bag; this forum can definitely have that effect on people! Also, I think Hermes bags are intriguing to people like you (and me!) who were not previously into handbags, because they are a classic, beautiful item (I'm thinking of the Hermes in one word thread), in addition to being the pinnacle of a handbag collection for people who has been lovers of designer handbags all along.


Tangerine Crush
Mar 5, 2006
Neeya, I have followed your posts with interest and I have to admit to having a tiny, built-in bias with thinking that some younger women might want to "work their way up" to Hermes, since once you've become hooked on such high-end bags: Where do you go from there? What do you have to look forward to?

I'm one of those who came to H bags after first exploring others, some of which I still like but which don't in any way compare to H quality or timeless, classic appeal. So I feel like I can contribute to your dilemma with some degree of understanding.

And I have to say without a doubt that you are the one person who should get that Rose Shocking Bolide! You have not only analyzed your choice, but have carefully considered the pros and cons of purchasing such an expensive bag and have well-thought-out reasons for wanting to do so. This is not an impulse buy for you and you've never treated it as such. You honestly love this particular bag and it will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and lifestyle. Also, just because the Bolide is here to stay doesn't mean Rose Shocking is - you will be lucky if you're even able to locate one in September when you want to buy it.

You shouldn't feel the need to go by your family's choices - you sound unusually mature for your age and clearly know yourself. So please try not to be swayed by your sister's opinion - no matter how well-intentioned.

Sorry this is so long.:smile:
Apr 24, 2007
I have a terrible cold and every time I cough I seem to post mid-sentence. I'm sorry about these fragments.

1. Is an Hermes unrealistic or inappropriate for you, since you are still a student?

For other college students it would be impossible, but in your case it isn't a choice between a bag and, say, tuition. In your case, as I read your post, it comes down to a choice between one bag or several. So, if you can afford it, a single Hermes is as reasonable as several less expensive bags; you aren't buying the bag at the expense of a necessity.

2. Your sister (whose opinion matters to you) doesn't approve.
All the rest of what you posted concerning your sister (she is a fashion major, she likes other kinds of bags) is sort of secondary to this, I think. But I think this is the most natural thing in the world at your ages, and I think you will find yourselves surprising each other in many of the decisions you make as you become independant. Your relationship won't change because of it.

3. Rose shocking (bolide?) might not work as well as several different bags.
Well, Rose shocking won't be as easy to carry as a neutral, and this I think is where you want to be sure of your priorities. If it were me, it wouldn't be Rose shocking for a first bag. It would be one of the saddle leathers, or perhaps Rouge H. If it were me, in other word, my first big Hermes purchase would be a neutral. But it also needs to be said that I am the most conservative person who ever lived, at least in terms of what I wear. And I am much older than you are. But as I see it, when you sort out what's what here, the issue seems to be, which Hermes in what color, rather than Hermes vs a lot of less expensive bags. Because, as you
already seem to have gathered, one Hermes really is a better idea in the long run.
And now my answer is longer than your question. Hope it helps.


Feb 1, 2007
I think that people that go for a trendy look wouldn't invest in an Hermes piece. It's really a matter of personal style.

I think that your choice of a RS Bolide is young, fresh, and at the same time, very Hermes. Also, your Bolide will definitely stand the test of time. No offense to anyone but LV can't even come close in terms quality and, IMO, style/design.

I think you have a few months to make your decision so I wouldn't fret about it too much. Your sister and you have obviously different tastes so take her comments with a grain of salt.

As you get older, I think you will start to realize your true style but don't rush it. Getting there is so much fun! I think many members will agree that personal style is a living thing, always changing but ultimately, certain root characteristics that make your style "you" take time to develop.

For what it's worth, I would get the Bolide. From all your posts and from what little I have learned of your preferences, I think it will suit you perfectly.


Sep 21, 2006
I am impressed with those who at an early age know what they want to be with the rest of their lives (like be a vet, doctor, etc).
Just the same I have been really impressed that you've known what you want and will wait to acquire it. You know yourself best. Buy what you love; if that is the Bolide buy it and wear it everywhere. Don't buy something you don't really want because you will just be wasting money.