Personal question, do you ever think about handbags in the bedroom?

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  1. I had the strangest experience the other day. While in bed with my SO, we were in the midst of s__, and the handbags that I have been craving popped into my head, :shrugs: suddenly I... well, how can I say this, ummm lets try this, went over the top if you know what I mean! My SO left the room later, and I nearly died of laughter.:rolleyes: I couldn't tell him what had happened (you know male ego). Has anyone ever had a similar situation?:shame:
  2. No, but only b.c I don't have an SO at the moment. I can just imagine it: "You don't get me excited, but Balenciaga (LV, Chloe, Fendi, etc.) sure does!"
  3. Wow! Well you better get that bag. If that's what it can do when you're just thinking about it, imagine what it can do when you touch it!!!!
  4. Ha Ha, Yes I actually do know exactly what you mean. Sometimes if I'm just not in to it with Hubby, thinking about my bags, or dream bags fixes me right up. I have been over the top several times while thinking about purses!
    Fun, Fun.