Personal organizer addiction...

  1. How addicted are you to your personal/business organizer?I know there are people who cannot live without theirs.Me personaly I don't belong to that category, but I have an agenda and use it rather frequently.
    To tell you the truth it always has striken me as though busy people (or maybe women) who run around with a Filofax in the hand, are the people with the most exciting(?) and versatile lives...Never resting in a place...(I guess I have no idea what it's like:sweatdrop:)...
  2. I have a cute Filofax planner that I love, and I use it a LOT during school to keep myself organized so I know what I have due and when. I used it a lot less in the summer, though, but will still check it daily. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it, but it really does help me stay on track (plus I'd hate to forget a birthday or something!).
  3. I'm addicted to my personal organizers...and I have about four of them, but they're all electronic! I have two Dell Axims (x5 and x50v) and a Palm Zodiac which I don't use as much. But the one I use most of all, of course, is my Treo...which I wish I could sync to my computer at work but my company only supports Blackberrys, not Palms...

    I don't really do paper organizers, because you can do so MUCH with a Treo or other PDA phone, but I've found some VERY nice leather and canvas cases for the electronic ones!
  4. I couldn't live without an organiser - I am old fashioned and like the paper ones!

    I would be so lost without it!
  5. yeah me too...
  6. Oh yes I've had a filofax for the last 10 years or so. I kinda like the yearly ritual of buying the next year's calendar pages and re-stocking on note paper, etc etc. Kinda geeky but oh well.

    Just last year I treated myself to a gorgeous new black leather one with white topstitching. I absolutely love it and use it religiously. No, I won't ever get a PDA; I do use my Outlook calendar at work and home for reminders, but I do need my filofax as backup. For some reason, writing things down by hand really seals it better in my brain.
  8. I have three Hermes organizers and I use them every day, constantly! They keep me in perfect sane order :biggrin: And I'll probably buy more eventually, hah
  9. 3 Neeya? I'm so jealous..I love planners.. I just bought a new one ..I can't wait until it gets here!! I need to get a pencil for it though.
  10. lol, what's a personal organizer??:sweatdrop:

    in other words, I don't use em.
  11. I have used mini notebooks for over ten years. I can't remember a thing without them. Once in a while, I pick up an old one and see what I was doing this time, however many years ago...
  12. I'm obsessed w/ my agenda!!!
  13. I would be so lost without my agenda. I use a paper agenda that I carry in my purse. Sometimes if I'm waiting in line I'll pull it out and make notes, check dates, etc. I love my agenda.
  14. I am lost without my agenda as well. Though I have a PDA, I prefer the paper version.
  15. I am NEVER apart from my LV agenda!!

    LOL I love that little guy!