Personal opinions about multicolor bags....

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  1. Do you own any and do you think they're worth the price? how do you like them?
  2. love mc!
  3. it depends on preference. I like really subtle bags, so the MC line isn't for me.. But I wouldn't mind having a MC wallet or card holder. something small that goes inside the bag. hehe :smile:
  4. Sorry for all the MC lovers, but me personally I don't like MC at all! For me it's too loud, to kitchy.
    I had a Trouville MC white, a pochette and the shirley, but i have sold it after 6 weeks, because I like more the understated and classic bags of LV.
  5. Like it in small doses, but not actual handbags (unless it's a pochette or mini sac). And after hearing an SA call the MC line "trashy" looking (ouch!), it only confirms my resolve not to buy any MC.
  6. I can't wait to have one!
  7. I love the cute accessories (esp. the zippy coin purse) but would never buy a whole bag in this canvas - not my style.
  8. It is the reason why I fell in love with LV- the white MC Priscilla was my first - but not last ;)- LV bag
  9. I think the MC canvas is really pretty....but i HATE all the hardware they put on the bags. I really love the white and black mc zippy coin purses (no hardware) and other small accessories/wallets without hardware. but even if the big ones didn't have hardware i probably wouldn't get one. i think i'd rather have my mc inside my bag, or keep it small with something like a wapity. and no, i dont think the bags are worth the steep prices
  10. I don't any any mc personally. I find it pretty, but not for me. The smaller pieces aren't so bad, but the bags just don't do it for me.
  11. Ditto. Although I like the MC Trouville and Alma. But it looks so heavy. I prefer it in smaller SLG's.

    I think since the MC print is literally, printed onto the canvas, it's prone to chipping off and fading. And like the lighter Vernis leather, the white MC is also prone to color transfer. And the price is ridiculous for just printed MC. I think it's ridiculous that it costs twice as much as regular Mono canvas. So I don't think it's worth it.
  12. I have a black Priscilla and the white MC coeur; I love them both. For me, they were worth the price because I really love them. I usually wear jeans and a plain top, so they MC adds a pop of color. :smile:
  13. I like it, but not on everything. I have the Black Trouville and Black Pochette and don't plan on getting anymore; I use them when I feel fabulous and loud, theyre my "fun" pieces:heart:
  14. It has never appealed to me, personally. I think it's cute on the really young though.
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    I guess perhaps one would probably be sufficient to a collection...I don't know. Any more opinions.....please