Personal opinion on the paddy

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  1. Hey... This may come as a shock but I am not a fan of the Paddington eClassic Bag Mini, Medium or Large. (I feel as if I have sinned just by admitting that) I was never one AT ALL. It really just looks like a bag with a lock on it. I have seen it in person and I can't for the life of me see what all the hype is about. Going along those lines... I am not a tote any design...even Louis. I hate them. They just look like an old lady's hand bag in my eyes......BUT I must say that I am FEELIN' this PADDINGTON TOTE. Crazy right. I would actually rock this bag. I can rock it for school, work, or a weekend hangout. It's versitile. I can see the quality leather and the lock looks good with it too. I know it would look even better in other colors.

    I have just started my purse fetish. I currently own the Louis Manhattan pm, Speedy Canvas 30 and just purchased a large hobo from Kenneth Cole which I absolutely love (It looks so good on. View first picture below)
    I am now trying to build my collection with other great bags. Next on my list are the epi alma in black, fendi spy in cognac, now potentially the paddington tote in color other than black. I tried to give the classic paddy a chance but...
  2. Oh here is a picture of the PADDY TOTE

  3. OH I LOVE THAT KENNETH COLE HOBO! I saw it in the Kenneth Cole store but my boyfriend said "yuck". -_______- I want to go back and try it on again. I loved the cream-ish color. Which one did you get? (I know that there were like 3 versions.) If possible, can you post a picture of yourself with it? I wonder how it looks on. ;D THANKS!
  4. I wish I could. But I don't have a camera. I guess I should just ease up on the bag shopping and buy one:amuse: . But I purchase it in black. And I seen the cream one, its beautiful too. What's funny is that I purchased the bag knowing that my boyfriend usually hates bags but when I got home he saw it on my shoulder and actually said..."Its nice" Which means that he really likes it. I wore for the first time today and received lots of complements from my co workers and people on the train. I was contemplating taking it back so I could put it towards the epi alma I want but each time I pasted by a window and saw my reflection I remembered why I got it in the first place.:smile:
  5. same with me i am not a paddy-lover but this tote is lovely!!! and i think the lock doesn't look out of proportion. go for it!!
  6. Oh and the bag was the medium one. There is one that was REALLY big. I thought the one I got was the large but its not. Its the one that costs about $400. Oh and the SA gave me $100 off because of some promotion.
  7. Tanja

    Well at least I am not alone. What bag are you eyeing\?
  8. i'm not a big fan of the paddy either. the lock just puts me off. it weighs a ton and it has no specific purpose except being decorational and it doesn't do much for me. :/ without the lock it's just a plain leather slouchy bag. *shrug*

    i prefer the chloe silverado. :biggrin:
  9. i nearly was buying a paddy, then i looked well at the lock, it seems hideous to me:nuts:
    but i respect who has it because a part from the lock it is a great bag!
    i looooove my silverados more:shame:
  10. Thats the Riveted Hudson. I love that hobo!:nuts:

  11. I agree! The bag is so heavy!! Even before you put anything in the bag, it weighs so much!! :wacko:
  12. I like the paddy, mainly because i love slouchy bags. The only thing putting me off is the weight and that the handles seem a bit short to be a shoulder bag. Otherwise, i love it. The cream colour is divine. I haven't seen another bag with that shade of cream!
  13. i really don't think the bag is that heavy. i've only carried mine a few times because i got it pretty recently, but it's never bothered me.
  14. I carry my Paddy on my shoulder pretty comfortably. Yes, it's a bit heavier than some bags, but isn't the heaviest bag I own, surprisingly. I've toyed with getting the cream color, but am probably going to go with the Marc Jacobs antique white Stella, since it's a more practical bag for me. I do love carrying my Paddy, though, and the leather is just wonderful.
  15. I love my whiskey paddy.Its a bag that really makes me smile