Personal details on the receipt is wrong

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  1. So I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag in Doncaster store (Melbourne) in December of last year. I never thought to look at the receipt have since put it away along with the bags inside the box. I've just opened to look at it today to find out that the details of the purchaser at the bottom of the receipt is not mine at all. Pretty sad and don't know how to feel about this. It being my first bag bought in the store has a lot of sentimental value and I want it to be mine. And in case if I want to repair or sell it in the future i don't know. I'm pretty sad right now. Can anyone advise me on this? :sad:

    Thank you in advance.
  2. You can easily get your own receipt if you go to the boutique. Given that it was only last year, you should be in their system and they will pull up your information and the original transaction, no problem.
  3. My BF purchased an LV bag in November and gifted it to me. When we looked a the receipt it had a Chinese name on it - obviously the wrong person and she must have thought the same when she got his ;) We called them and got it sorted out and I stopped by to get the right one with his name on. They have you in their system so it shouldn't be a problem.
  4. It's not an issue. Just call your store with your name and the date of purchase and they will print a duplicate of your original receipt.
  5. Hi ladies thank you for your comments. I actually went to the city store to buy something yesterday and enquired about this and the lady was not willing to pull anything up due to privacy issue. She said she's worked in LV for 17 years and this has never happened so she couldn't do anything for me. Then this morning I called the 1300 number, again the lady said there was nothing she can do. As it was my first time purchasing in the store the system would have had a different screen for entering a new client details. She said she's not saying she doesn't believe me but this has never happens. So overall are they saying that I'm lying?

    And Well it happened to me and the fact that they are not willing to even believe my story makes me really sad.
  6. I thought you said you just got the wrong receipt originally. Don't tell your story just say "I need a copy of my receipt: here is my name."

    Has your name never been entered in the first place? I am confused by your story,
  7. December last year I went into the store to purchase the neverfull. I paid for it in cash and the lady asked for my name and address. She then went to pack it up and came back with the bag in the box all wrapped up nicely and the receipt folded and placed in its brown envelope thing. Then a couple days ago I was looking through my LV receipts (I have a bought a few things since then) and saw that the receipt for my neverfull doesn't have my name or address but it was someone else in another state. The date, the of item, associate name, and payment method was al correct.
    Sorry if I'm confusing you.
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