Persistence pays off - I found it!!!

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  1. i am so excited! It really is true that part of the fun of acquiring a new bag is in the chase! I called Saks Beverly Hills, the wonderful SA there called around, and my new tie dye Mui Mui satchel will be coming to me from Saks San Antonio! On sale for $569 and 25% off of that!!!
    i first saw her at Saks Palm Beach about 2 months ago for the same ridiculously low price (she's from spring '07 i believe), and passed her by, being deeply into my "I'm a Chanel girl and will not be buying another designer anytime soon so there!" phase.........
    silly me...the (non)buyers regret was terrible :nogood:

    will post pics when she arrives!!
  2. WOW..U r GOOD! Cant beleive u found it!LOL!(WELL...Yes I can...LOL U are driven!)

    CONGRATS.cant wait ti see this beauty!
  3. roflmfao yes i am verra verra driven
    its a disease :p

    the ends i will go to, its a wee bit frightening
  4. Oooh congrats! Can't wait to see it! :high five:
  5. Wow! I understand, re: non-buyer's remorse! I'm so glad you were able to "make things right"!
  6. Wow!! thats soooo cheap!!! congratulations!!! :tup: I love that bag too.. did you get the tan/blue/cream version?? Id love to get it for our summer, i wish designer stuff here went on sale that cheap! .. nice one!
  7. Sneaky squirrel...not sure of color combo - i will call the San Antonio (Texas) store today and find out.....
    ithanks so much everyone for good wishes!!!!
  8. What a fabulous deal! Congrats - can't wait to see action pics! :woohoo:
  9. WooHOO! Congrats!! -- it's always so nice to find the bag you passed on and wished you didn't .......... and on SALE!
    Can't wait for photos!
  10. waiting for the photos..congrats...and the price sounds perfect
    Saks Boston helped me like that 2 years ago for my Dior bag
  11. Can you tell me what is the name of the SA, i am looking for a nice SA to search for a Prada bag too ?
  12. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Good price, too!
  13. actually the fab SA who got this all started and FOUND the bag for me (putting things on the item locator, arranging for shipping), is Bobbie at the Beverly Hills Saks...she is amazing. The San antonio SA is May, she is very pleasant, calls back when she says she will (they both do) and is some kind of specialist
    (310) 2754211 - Bobbie
    ask for designer handbags..................
  14. Congrats!!! This is truly the moment when all the efforts pay off! Can't wait to see the pics!
  15. Wow!!! What a deal! Please post photos when you received it.