PERSIMMON...Nice colour?

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  1. So I'm wondering if any of you have any RM in the colour Persimmon. I'm not sure how much I would use a bag in this colour but I find myself looking at it and thinking about it a lot. If anyone has something in this colour I would love to see a pic of it, or better yet...modelling pics!
  2. Here ya go.

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  3. Ana your Mac is gorgeous! Has the persimmon broken in any?
  4. The only real life sighting I have ever had was a persimmon mab/mam. It was absolutely beautiful
  5. Not very, but I've only carried it a handful of times. I think based on the shape of the MAC it would take longer to break in then a Nikki or MAB/MAM. It's much more structured. That's part of the reason I wanted persimmon in the MAC because a stiffer leather works well with it.

    The color is beautiful and so vibrant. I can't wait until spring comes to really rock it. =)
  6. I have a persimmon MAC. I absolutely LOOOVE it! It is my fave RM color. I have used it maybe 5 times or less and it hasn't broken in much. It is more of a "structured" leather since it has a kind of glaze on it.

    Here is the MAB. I sold it because it was way to big though.
  7. ooh LovemyMarc, that permisson mab looks gorgeous! I've been eying the MAM in persimmon for the longest time now. The only thing keeping me is the smoosh-factor. I'm looking for a bright red that is also smooshy. I wonder if the persimmon leather will break in like that?
  8. lovemymarc, that MAB is stunning! I also keep looking at the MAM, I know it would be a great pop of colour to an outfit...thanks for sharing the pics!!
  9. ^^Thanks to both of you!

    The MAB is way to big for the texture of the bag. I wanted it in a MAM before...but I ended up getting the MAC. I don't think the persimmon will ever be smooshy though.
  10. [​IMG]

    Here's my MAM. Persimmon is a beautiful, vibrant orangey-red (mine is more orange than red). I don't carry it a lot (she will probably be my main summer bag) but the color is so pretty and is so different from anything else that I own that I couldn't bear the thought of parting with her!
  11. I love my persimmon Nikki!!!! I don't have one orange piece of clothing, but I did find some OPI nail polish to match perfectly. :smile:
  12. I had a Persimmon MAB but exchanged it. I loved the color (though sometimes it seemed too orangey for me) but I wanted the smooshy leather. A helpful TPF-er (Crazy4Handbags, I think) told me that the Persimmon leather wasn't one of the ones that gets smooshy. Having seen and handled both textures now, I suspect the same...
  13. ^My persimmon leather is still pretty stiff and she's 6 mos old. I can't see this bag ever getting smooshy.