Persian or Yorkie??? help!

Dec 14, 2006
My boyfriend agreed to get us either a Yorkie or a Persian cat, but the thing is that it would live at his house since I live in a dorm. We both have classes, and whichever animal we get it's going to be alone for about 4-5 hours every day. I've wanted a dog since I was small but my parents hate animals so that's not an option.

I'd like to know which pet you guys think we should get, and if a cat's going to be less work and able to be fine on its own for a couple of hours a day.

IMO cats are much less high-maintenance than dogs. They don't need to be walked and are OK to be left alone. On the other hand with proper training a dog can certainly be left alone all day. I know a lot of people who have "crate-trained" their dogs with great success. So it really boils down to how much time and effort you are willing to put into training. Zero for cats, considerably more for dogs.
I have a dog and if dogs are properly trained you can leave them alone for up to five hours a day. But I never leave mine alone for more than 2. Dogs are pack animals, so they don´t like to be alone. If you get a puppy you shouldn't leave it alone at all for some weeks. Cats aren't as attached to you as a dog would be. So I would suggest a cat.
Persian cats can be left alone, but they do get lonely. It's alsways best to buy two kittens at the same time so they have each other to play while you are out. Cats are easier to take care of but Persians need a little more care because their fur can get matted easily if not brushed daily or bathed. Exoctic Persians cats are very low maintenace cuz their fur is much easier to take care of. I love my persians so much! They are great pets!

Also persians are meant to be inside cats if that means anything in your decision. Best of luck finding the right pet!
i think a persian would be happier living with you than a dog. a dog likes to have a lot of attention, but a cat doesn't need so much. you wouldn't have to worry about being home to take a dog out.
I have a Yorkie and at first when he was a puppy he needed more attention. Maybe get the dog when you have extra time? Like before this next semester starts or during break. But he's 3 now and I work during the day and go to school and so does my boyfriend and he's alone for about 4-5 hours depending on what day. Not everyday but he's been alone for extended periods of time and is fine. He has been alone for more than that maybe like 7 hours but at night so he'd probably be asleep anyway.

As far as going to the bathroom, my dog is trained to go in our bathroom on dog pee pads (I live in a condo and have no real lawn or fenced in area). Crate training is also an option. I'm a dog person so I say DOG: YORKIE. They're the best.
Cats in general can be left alone 'longer'. If you neglect it long enough just like a dog. It will piss around (from experience and from friends that have gone on vacation for too long).

Dogs will need more attention~ you also have to take into consideration. Are you getting a baby kitten, puppy or already a grown dog or cat? If grown, was it trained and if so... inside or outside? Read more about the breed itself, as well.

Either way, its great to have a pet/companion :smile:
As you can see from my Avatar, I have a black Persian. I LOVE her. Persians are very dog-like, as they get very attached to their owners and they are great companions. And yes, it will be OK to be on its own during the day. Just make sure it has plenty of toys. Persians are also very low key and generally speaking do not do a lot of running around, jumping, etc.

That said, Persians do require more maintenance than other cats. They have long fur which requires a lot of brushing or combing (daily), and they should be bathed as well. I send mine to a groomer monthly but if you start bathing them yourself when they are very little they will be easier to handle when they get older.

I also second the motion that Persians need to be kept indoors. Not only for their safety but I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who would see a Persian outside and keep it for themselves.
I have 1 dog and 2 persians plus 4 moggy's i love then all the same. I am sorry but i do not think you should get any animal it is obvious that it will be left for long periods of time - you are at school during the day and obviously go out in the evening. I do not believe in crate training a dog i have seen this and think it is cruel, a dog or cat are not something that you can put into a crate when you feel like going out and then get them out when you eventually come home, they are living feeling creatures that want love and attention 24/7. My dog is 8 years of age and has never been left longer than 5 hours and that is very very rare. Please wait until you finish school and are more settled if the animal cannot even live with you it just seems so wrong what happens if you and your boyfriend part company.
Personally, i'd got for the Persian, but i'm a cat person anyway, so i guess i'm biased!:yes:
And we used to have a Blue Persian, but he died 4 1/2 years ago. Pic of him below.

I think any animal is OK to be left during the day (we still have to have a life) but ONLY if it is suitably entertained. If that means giving an animal a companion, then so be it. If it means you come home to find loads of toys everywhere, then great!:jammin:

Yes - animals do get lonely, but no more lonely than if they lived in the wild. 4-5 hours per day is not extortionate, IMO.

Just be sure to make an extra special fuss when you get home to your pet, whichever you decide on!;) :yes:

P.S rosie50 - do you have pictures of your Persians?:heart:


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Thanks everyone! I've been doing some research on cats vs. dogs and I've decided to get the Persian because I don't think we're ready for the responsibilty of a puppy yet. Plus, the boyfriend had a cat growing up and he's a big cat person. Oh I can't wait and I'll def. post pics when I get him/her!
Hi Chicky yes i have loads of photos of them i have candy who is tortiseshell and tommy a black male (not very good photos). I use to have candy's brother as well his name was toffee:heart: he was chocolate and the most beautiful (i think) cat in the world but he died 6 years ago i still miss him. :sad:

My dog is rosie the samoyed, rather dirty at the moment.

Candy has managed to change my life forever, somewhere a few months back i wrote about it under the Animalicious sub forum i think it was called ALL FOR THE LOVE OF A CAT if you get a chance maybe you could read it, it just proves how animal mad i am!!!!!!!!



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Thanks everyone! I've been doing some research on cats vs. dogs and I've decided to get the Persian because I don't think we're ready for the responsibilty of a puppy yet. Plus, the boyfriend had a cat growing up and he's a big cat person. Oh I can't wait and I'll def. post pics when I get him/her!

Ohh yes, please do! I'm sure you'll love a Persian - they are so affectionate!
Do you know which colour you'd go for...?:heart:

Which brings me on to rosies pics, below;) (Not entirely off topic, lol - thanks for sharing)

The pic of my old cat Barney^ - he was a blue persian.
Cats, cats, cats...:love: :shame: