persian cat problems

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    this is my black persian and recently i noticed some very very tiny white spots on her fur. it looks like dust but on closer look, those white things moved! i went to the vet and they gave me a frontline spray. it does not solve the problem permenantly cos the "spots" came back after 1 week. anybody had this problem?
  2. You need to check with your vet.
    I'm going to guess why they came back is because the eggs are now hatching. Sounds like you need to be treating longer so as to kill the adults & any offspirng that hatch later.
    Pretty cat!
  3. I HATE FLEAS! The only way to get rid of them is with continuous treatment. I would Frontline your cat every month. Also you can get Capstar which is a pill that will kill any fleas that are currently living on your cat. You can buy a cheap flea comb to get the fleas and eggs off your cat right away. Make sure you drop the fleas and eggs in a glass with bleach and water in it to kill them. You don't want them jumping onto your carpet and biting your feet. Unfortunately I speak from experience. Adorable kitty!
  4. Nice kitty! I suspect fleas too. I have Frontline too, but it's not a spray. Instead it comes in a little tube and one puts little drops on the back of the cat's neck.

    I'd call the vet and ask more questions. I'd hesitate to take your kitty back in unless necessary (just in case she gets traumatized by going there).

    If it is fleas, you may want to treat her as prescribed by your vet and then have an exterminator treat your house.

    Good luck! It's a problem that can be solved!
  5. Hate to be the one to bring bad news .... while a topical treatment will treat your cat, it does nothing to treat your home. You may need to do a good old flea bomb treatment of your house and another round of Capstar or Advantage for the kitty.
    Unfortunately, fleas are amazingly resilient and if they get into your home, they can be tougher to treat and your kitty will keep picking them up.
    Good luck and I hope your pretty kitty stops itching soon!
  6. so srry abt yr fleas problems... let su know what the outcome so that we can deal with it IF it happen to us:tup:
  7. I agree with the other posts. Frontline will definitely help, but may take a couple of months depending on the severity of flea infestation in your home. Frontline or Advantage works well, but you won't see immediate results.
  8. they arent really fleas cos i suppose fleas will be on the skin? they are very very tiny white stuff that crawls on the fur, sometimes even on the tip of the fur. its irritating me and if i really have to clean the whole house, where should i concentrate on? i cleared her potty tray almost everyday and i tried to bathe her every 2-3 days. i even tried dettol
  9. It could be fly eggs if they stick to the top of the fur.... i dunno?
  10. Didn't the vet tell you what they were and how to get rid of them?? If they are not fleas and flea eggs what did she say they are?
  11. She didnt tell me what are they, she just told me its a common problem for long-haired cats and prescribed the Frontline spray. Anyway, I just applied Frontline on my cat and did some major cleaning. Gotta wait 1-2 weeks and see what happens!