Perserving top tier of wedding cake??

  1. I'd like to freeze the top tier of our wedding cake so that we can enjoy it on our one year anniversary. I've been reading about different techniques on how to keep it so that the cake tastes just as good as it did on the wedding day, but I'd like to hear your stories!

    What containers did you use? Did you use saran wrap or tin foil? Or both? Did you use a food vacuum to seal it air tight?

    Thanks!! :ty:
  2. I wrapped my sister's top tier in a few layers of foil and then a Ziplock bag. Nothing fancy but it did the trick :smile:
  3. Thanks!! :smile:
  4. I wrapped mine in plastic wrap and then tin foil. It tasted like crap. :biggrin:
  5. My mother wrapped the actual box that my wedding coordinator put the cake in. She wrapped so much plastic wrap that it took us 15 minutes to unwrap it. Plus, she wrapped it in a plastic medium garbage bag to top everything off LOL! It was worth was delicious!
  6. ROFL!! Thanks, I got crap to look forward to. ;);)
  7. Since ours had a whipped cream topping my DH was afraid it would spoil in a year even in the freezer. We actually ate it when we got home from our honeymoon and even then it wasn't great tasting (only a few weeks later!).
  8. Our wedding cake was delicious one year later. We did freezer paper,foil, multiple ziplock bags. We brought it to NYC when we did a weekend stay at a hotel.
  9. I haven't gotten married yet... but I'd rather eat the top of the cake within a day or so... and buy a new cake to celebrate LOL. I just see it as taking up space in the freezer, and risking it won't taste very good. I like things fresh! :smile:
  10. Agreed! This tradition comes from the UK where the traditional wedding cake is what's called a "rich fruit cake" (same as an English Christmas cake), and it's actually specially made to improve with age. It can be stored without refridgeration for two years, provided it's been made correctly.

    I know most US (and even UK) girls have normal butter cake for their wedding cake... no way in HELL would I store that and eat it a year later! Especially if it has frosting on it. If it were unfrosted, then it would be fine to freeze it when fresh and then defrost months to a year later. But with frosting... blech!!


    You girls are admirable for your commitment to tradition though!
  11. My cake was truly yummy...don't regret it a bit! Especially since DH never got a chance to eat a piece on the wedding day...
  12. No cake for hubby on the wedding day?? :smile:
  13. After we took pictures cutting the cake, we never had a chance to sit down and actually eat a piece LOL!

  14. Interesting! I did not know that! :smile:
  15. I used to have a wedding cake business and I told brides to just order a small cake on their 1st anniversary! Cake really shouldn't be frozen for a year. Some bakeries use cake mixes and shortening instead of butter in the frosting and these may hold up better than pure butter cakes because they have preservatives.