Perry or Barnaby for Ladies Messenger for me...which one...

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  1. Hi Ladies! Have you seen, under, "Men's Messenger Bags" the Perry and the Barnaby? What do you think about these for a woman...for me? I was thinking of the LV Bosphore....but you know..that logo thing... I'm also considering the Antony (see other thread) but I think these are bigger and understated cool. I am worried I'll come back from New York with a Bayswater AND a messenger... Well, I have to make use of my few trips and do all my handbag buying at once. Talk to me! :girlsigh:
  2. Out of the two I prefer the barnaby (but I still prefer the Antony!!) What do you want to carry in the bag?
  3. I'm looking at various combinations for travel. Either to have an Antony (small) and carry a large tote. Or, to have a larger hands free... It is two different concepts, really. I love the way the Antony looks. I'll be going to NY on Nov. 9, and I have a stop at the Mulberry store planned. I will definitely walk out of there with something, that's for sure.
  4. As I just posted on your other thread I think you should come home with an oak bayswater and a chocolate Antony!!!!!:nuts: (but that's just my opinion- you need to just get in that store and spend hours trying all the bags on!)