Perricone Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum - anyone tried this?

Oct 8, 2010
Anyone used this? What were your results? If you liked it, how quickly did you see results ?

I have crepey eyelids/upper lids and some creasing, crows feet etc. I have really sensitive eyes and everything made them water and I feel like the skin around my eyes is damaged as a result. I have lost firmness and elasticity and just need everything to tighten up and improve tone/texture.

I have a sample pot of this. I tried it this morning and it didn't hurt my eyes but I didn't notice any change. Not sure if you're supposed to see something straight away or if it takes weeks/months? I just want to get an idea of what it does before I shell out for a bottle.

What did you think of it? When did you notice a change? Would you recommend this or something else?


Jan 12, 2006
Yes probably. But I kind of see things I like or don't about a product after a few weeks.