Perplexing brainteaser/math problem

  1. "A rooster is worth five coins, a hen three coins, and 3 chicks one coin. With 100 coins we buy 100 of them. How many roosters, hens, and chicks can we buy?"

    Hint: Chicks have to be bought in multiples of 3. There are 4 different possibilities.

    I won't post the answer until someone answers since last time it didn't work so well :smile:
  2. One possibility:

    25 hens (75 coins)
    75 chicks (25 coins)
  3. Yup, that's probably the easiest one to come up with w/o doing actual math.

    P.S. This question's from my linear algebra class so we had to use matrices...
  4. I would assume you'd need to buy one of at least all 3? Yeah?

    If so, how bout:
    8 roosters - 40 coins
    11 hens - 33 coins
    27 chicks - 81 coins
  5. Umm I refuse to take part in a gender discriminating thing :nogood: why is a hen worth less? That's what I would write if I had to do this in school. Hehe :p
  6. Wait..that didn't work out right. Duh!

    I had it all figured out, typed the wrong answer, then threw away my work.

    Let me write this out again.. I feel like a dumbass!!
  7. If anything, it should be the other way around, since hens are not only food in themselves, but also lay eggs. Roosters just make a lot of noise!:yes:
  8. OK, how about:

    4 roosters - 20 coins
    18 hens - 54 coins
    78 chicks - 26 coins
    78 26
    18 54
    +4 +20
    100 100
  9. I took linear algebra but I can't remember a thing about it! Matrices have proven useless to me in the real world so my brain seems to have tossed out any knowledge of them :smile: I do remember liking that class though!
  10. Nope, the number of animals you buy must add up to 100.
  11. Correct...just 2 more ... !
  12. Nope you don't need to buy all 3!
  13. Haha!
  14. Yeah I think courses that we have to take simply allow our brains to be twisted before the real world!
  15. Not even going to attempt it!