Perplexed : Does the Medium Belly Veneta come in Tourmaline?

  1. I've been looking for -- and thought I found -- a Medium Belly Veneta in Tourmaline.

    However ... BV online sent me an email today saying that the Med. Belly does not come in Tourmaline.
    Does this ring true with those in the know?

    I thought I had my eye on one at Neiman Marcus (even though it is described as "midnight navy"). Here's my attempt to post the link to the product page:

    Could it be that this Med. Belly @ NM is actually Indigo?
    Any insights appreciated - thank you!
  2. sometimes department stores order different colors and different styles than the BV boutiques. it is quite possible that NM carried the medium belly in tourmaline while BV didn't. when BV gives answers to stock questions, their answers usually apply to the stock of BV boutiques in that country (for instance, BV asia carries more colors of classic styles than BV US) and if the SA didn't bother checking nationwide availability, then they might just be talking about their specific store.
  3. Yes - you're right a_g ... I contacted BV with that question & they said tourmaline was produced in the medium, but it is sold out at
    Do you think it's safe to assume the "midnight navy" at Neiman Marcus is actually tourmaline?
  4. most likely, but you need to look at the tag to know for sure. the tag has the year and color code. also check the color reference thread to see if there was another navy-ish color that came along recently (celeste comes to mind but it is definitely lighter than tourmaline).
  5. True, my hunch is it's tourmaline ... Now the dilemma: take the plunge now b/c it's exactly what I'm looking for , or wait for the sales. Many thanks for your help... So glad I discovered tpf!
  6. Ok, found it on Bluefly.
    What luck!