Perming braids


Oct 6, 2006
Lately I have been braiding my hair after showers, letting it dry, and taking them out to get super wavy hair. The only problem is that it doesn't stay very long, even if I add mousse or gel to my hair before I braid it. At the end of the day, my hair is always flat.

So I was wondering... could I braid my hair and add perm solution to it... and have it stay in that perfect wavy state for weeks or months on end?

Has anyone here ever tried it?
Hmmm...that is an interesting question. I wonder if you cornrowed it if it would last any longer. I love to put about 6-8 cornrows in my hair after I wash it and let it dry. Unbraid and VOILLA, you have a whole new look.
I've heard of people braiding their hair before they go to bed, and then taking them out when they wake up and having wavy hair all day long. I've never tried it.. I'm sure its different with ethnic hair. It just depends what type of hair you have.
Not too sure about the perm thing though... is that even possible? There are curling/wavy perms you could do without braiding your hair.