Permanente Hair Straightening

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  1. Are there any threads about this?

    I just had mine done, and I was wondering about other experiences. Please LMK. :smile:
  2. Oooh! Tell me about yours!
    Are you happy?
  3. Yep, I get it done every 2 years...I know I shouldn't as much kuz of the damage...but it sure beats using the flat iron every morn! hehehe Hope you're enjoying your new do!
  4. Yes, also called thermal reconditioning or Janpanese straightening, I had mine done about three years ago and loved it. My hair, which is full and bushy curly (not spirally) became completely stick straight and silky.
    When it came time for root touch ups, my technician claimed the whole head had to be redone. Is this still the case? So, I did have it redone about twice and then got tired of the straightness!!
    But I had no regrets at all, and thoroughly enjoyed my couple of years with straight hair.
    By the way, the "grow out" phase wasnt nearly as horrific as I anticipated. I simply flat ironed roots, and with regular trims, my below shoulder length hair was completely curly again. ( I'm back to blow outs and flat ironing, but very careful about my condition now)
    Enjoy your new hair!!
  5. I had my hair permanently straightened like 5 times (I mean with the roots) and it changed my life (no more 2 hour straight hair drying for a crappy result)! I really love it, nonetheless my hair didn't react equally to all products....I had it three times with farouk CHI and on all occasions I had breakage (strands of hair literally snaping where the product was applied), but it probably depends more on the way it was applied than the product in itself since i never had (thank god) breakage on my whole head. I also had matrix and liscio and these were so great, especially liscio, no breakage at all and super manageable hair. You'd still have to trim the ends afterwards though because whatever you may be told, these straightenings still damage your hair
    I think it's really a matter of finding the right product for you. I have medium-fine blonde hair , extremly frizzy (defying gravity frizzy, like they'd go up not down) and I think I'm gonna stick with liscio.
  6. I have been wanting the thermal reconditioning done for a few years. My hairdresser does the process, and she has it done on her own hair, which looks fantastic. A few weeks ago she told me that she didn't think I would be happy with it. I have fine/thin hair, she said it wouldn't have any body. I listened to her expert opinion and decided not to do it. I appreciated that she just didn't say OK and sell it to me - it's so important to have a stylist you can trust!
  7. So what is the price range that you ladies have been getting?

    I called around here in the US and some people have NEVER even heard of it. And the ones that do, do it charge INSANE amounts... like 700-850.

    I got mine done by a new salon but I just felt like I trusted them. It was only $188! I mean they did a great job and I really do love it, but I feel like my hair is a little frizzy now.

    Everyone goes through the same process right?

    I started at 12:30 PM
    1. You get a chemical in your hair that sits about 15 mins.
    2. Wash and dry.
    3. They iron your hair straight. And I mean STRAIGHT. They guy took like 2 hours doing this.
    4. He put another chemical in my hair like a conditioner (it smelled so yummy hehe). They told me that I could NOT move for 20 mins. because that product was what would my my hair limp and straight.
    5. Wash and dry and straigten again.
    6. All done at around 5:30 PM - the guy didn't speak english but he was yelling at me and the lady translated: "he said you can't tuck your hair behind your ear!" lol my bad.

    But afterwards I couldn't wash my hair / get it get / clip it or tie it up for 3 days straight... gross huh? And after I did accidently do anything, like buch it up some how... I would have to comb it out ASAP.

    Is that what you gals did too?
  8. I had mine done 5 years ago and it was the worse thing I had ever done to my hair. Granted I did a home relaxing kit, so I'd imagine a Japanese straightening isn't quite as bad.

    My hair got about 3 shades lighter and became really frizzy and wouldn't hold a style. THEN for almost a year afterwards, my hair grew in extra much so that I thought it was going to start forming dreads from the roots. The the straightness wore out of the rest of it so it was an awkward orange colour, damaged beyond literal recognition, and curly as it was before.

    I can now make my hair very smooth without using any heat styling, so I feel sorry I even did that. I still have that really curly hair on the ends [my hair's waist-length] but I'm trimming it every 4 weeks so I'll get rid of it.

  9. OMG! Sorry that happened. Yeah I asked and did research before getting mine done. Some people say that the Japanese method is better because it really does condition your hair and makes it smooth.

    But I am asian... and I bleached my hair twice before so that's why it's not as nice now. I guess I got what I had coming.

    Good luck with your hair though.. I always tell myself that it grows so no problem. How I wish I could just shave my head. haha
  10. that sounds exactly like what they did to me, except at one point they put me under some huge heating thing that goes over your head. know what i'm talking about? but i think that's old fashioned. last time i did it, i didn't have the heating thing, and it turned out gorgeous. i think jap. straightening makes hair sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous. i'm definitely in need of another one.
  11. My process was the same as above and it was around $500 each time. By the way, I also had color on my hair and it was fine. The only thing I had to do was NOT schedule straightening within two weeks of fresh color.
  12. just had it done 2 days ago.Same process like yours and can't wash it for 3 days..But the difference is that i was under a steamer(like rainyjewels said) the first time they put on the chemicals.My hair is so soft and straight really like a little girl's fine straight hair.I love it but i hope it's still like that after I wash it on the 4th day because sometimes results can change after every wash..
  13. I had mine permanently straightened (using bio-ionics) about 5 years ago. It was great for a few months but started needing some serious blow drying, otherwise it would be frizzy. I maintained it for a few years, then tried another version of straightening (apparently less damaging to the hair) which barely did anything at all. I have since changed hairdressers and they are urging me not to have it straightened. So I'm going without for a while. See how it goes...
  14. This is good to know. What kind of color do you have? My hair is hightlighted and my hairdresser told me Japanese straightening would be too much for my hair. I'd so like to have it done.
  15. Also known as Thermal Reconditioning.

    This treatment works the best on virgin hair. I have straightened my hair this way for about 4 - 5 years. It was gorgeous.

    My system: (my experience has been)

    * Use Liscio. I've tried many. It's the best.
    * Get referrels, check a message board, read up. You have to TRUST your stylist!
    * Find out what most people in your area are paying. If you pay less than $400, you are probably getting an inexperienced stlist.
    * DO NOT HIGHLIGHT OR COLUR YOUR HAIR if you have this product. Even previously bleached hair that has been coloured darker (i.e. blond to brown) will usually fry under this process. You must choose: color or straight.
    * Tip about 20%, seriously. Despite the expense, you need to start building a relationship with your stylist. Get re-touches with the stylist, too. One person working with your hair is definitely best.
    * Lastly, know your chemicals! If you've tried relaxers or box kits you must share which kind, or the previous hairdressors name/ number with your new stylist. Certain chemicals can cause your hair to react and break if they are used!

    Now, well, I'm nearly blond so I don't straighten anymore. Do I miss it? YES!!! But I like being blond for now so I'm done. C'est la vie!:supacool: