Permanent Straightening?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone has had their hair straight permed/chemically straightened. I'm asian but my hair is naturally wavy and FRIZZY so if I want a sleek look, I have to flat iron it which is a total pain and plus the heat damages my hair so easily. I was wondering if any of you have ever had your hair chemically straightened and what are you experiences with it, costs, touch ups, etc? I'm considering it, but the cost is holding me back...I could buy a new bag with that money!

    Oh and for all of you Bay Area/nor cal any of you know a place that I can go to in the area?

    Thanks for all of your help!

  2. I have a girlfriend with VERY wild curly hair. She did the "Japanese thermal reconditioning" thing (it was $500!) and wow... she has straight, sleek hair now. She doesn't even have to blowdry it. It's crazy!
  3. sadly i don't have any personal experience with it, but i've read a few articles about it (some with pics) and people seem pleased with it. i wouldn't imagine you'd have to touch it up all that often. i really wanted it in the beginning of high school when i didn't know how to deal with my hair (it's ringlet curly) but have since decided that i like it how it is. good luck deciding, and let us know how it goes if you decide to do it!
  4. I knew a women who did it and it turned out really nice, but for some reason she said you have to wait for it to grow out a lot before you can redo the roots. That kind of sucks and towards the end due to her roots, she had to blow dry the top part straight.
  5. Yes, I've heard of that too I read about that in a mag, I think Qwen Paltrow had it done!! It's really expensive...but I want it done and I hate heat styling my hair =(
  6. I know a girl that did it, once a year though to minimalize the damage. She was pretty happy with the results, but she said that she lost some hair while doing it. Thus is the price of beauty I suppose !
  7. I got the japanese thermal straightening perm...around my parts it's called a magic perm and it was worth every penny. I had to straighten my hair after a disasterous hair ended up being straighter than my normal hair. The best part is that it last quite a while (for me it was about a year) and everyday was a good hair day without blowdrying. Now that i'm raving about it, it makes me want to do it again. I believe that it costs anywhere from 300 upwards.
  8. i'm having trouble deciding...blowing $500 on my hair and not have to worry about blow drying/flat ironing for months.....or get a new bag with $500 but having to live with ironing it everyday and heat damage...ahhh!!! This is why I have you one else understands...and many of my friends have straight hair so they don't understand!
  9. ohh noo I'm scared!
  10. since i have curly hair, i can definately see where you're coming from, and i've got to say, i think i'd get the straightening before getting a new bag. the straightening will save you time and hassle (not to mention make you look great) every single day, no matter what, for like a year, but a bag might only be carried a few times a week for a few months. the price-per-use calculation is a handy thing! if it's $500, that's less than $1.50 per day to not have to straighten your hair for an entire year.
  11. I'm asian and I did mine in Oct. I actually lost a lot of hair while doing it but my hair also became damaged after. Hair would break off while i was combing it and now it's REALLY dry!!! My hair is of course highlighted and colored and when I got it done, the guy didn't tell me I shouldn't do with my colored hair. When I got it cut last month from a different person, they said that stylist shouldn't have done it b/c I already have chemicals in my hair. So now my root are growing out and I can't it get re-done b/c it's just so dry the stylist will absolutely not do it. So now I have to let it healthy hair grow out, chop off the dry ends and wait. I have long hair too.

    I found that I still needed to flat iron it a little bit in the morning but maybe I just got it done from a bad person. I spent $400 on it.

    From my experience alone, I would rather buy a purse and not have gotten this done.

    I am searching for a deep conditioner now b/c I so need to retouch my roots!
  12. I need that, my hair is crazy.

    I've gotten my hair chemically straightened before. I didnt know you're not supposed to wash your hair the morning you get it done (?) because I did and it burned SO bad! I started crying and the lady said I shouldnt have washed my hair. Either she was lying because she messed up or I really shouldnt have. The results were great though! My hair was so effortlessly straight! It lasted a good while and if I ever did have to manually straighten it, it was a lot easier and faster. It did dry up my hair though :[ And I havent gotten it done again since. I want to, but I'm a little scared.

    Ouch! Sorry to hear that girl!

  13. I got a perm when I was 14 and it was bad! :sick: I had to have it chemically straigtened.
  14. Amanda, that's a great way of putting it!!! I like your advice thank you!
  15. no problem :smile: i try to think of all of my bag purchases like that, which is why i've yet to buy any luxury clutches, lol.