Permanent/semi permanent nose filler

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  1. Hi, anyone did aquamid or liquid silicone fillers before? Please share your experiences such as any complications/side effects after doing it? And can it really lasts that long, 5 to 10 years?
  2. oh god DO NOT use liquid silicone fillers. You are pretty much volunteering for your nose to be destroyed. I actaully lost one of my friends to liquid silicone fillers a few years back. That **** is very dangerous and should never be used.

    Also, nose fillers are never worth it. In contrast, a simple rhinoplasty is not invasive surgery and yields permanent results. Nose fillers also bear a risk of the filler not being fully resorped and can latch onto the soft tissue causing lumps. This will then require surgery to physically excise the filler out along with the soft tissue it has been attached to, thus thinning the nasal tissue.

    Definitely avoid
  3. Hmm. But even if by raising the bridge using rhinoplasty, doctors will place silicone which I heard might be harmful as well overtime, or is that not?
  4. I personally know someone who had a rhino 15 years ago using silicon... her nose still looks good.

    the Dr is not even famous and was done in a 3rd world country where PS is not should we say sophisticated.

    at that time she only paid US500 hehe.
  5. In what country your friend did PS?
    US500 lol :amazed::amazed:
  6. Sillicone is not a toxic material. Most cosmetic procedures uses sillicone as the implant. But there are a lot of factors that cause complications.
  7. Free floating liquid silicone, not solid silicone implants, are complete disasters. You're setting yourself up for granulomas and possibly disfigurement as the silicone grows larger over time. And if you should decide to do a surgical rhinoplasty in the future, that injected silicone will be damn near impossible to remove. If you do try to cut it out, you will be left with major disfigurement. Not worth it. If you do nose fillers at all, only do hyaluronic acid like Restylane or Juvederm.

    You guys are not making a distinction between solid silicone implants and liquid silicone.
  8. Korean clinics typically offer soft silicone implants for rhino, right? Is that still dangerous for disfigurement/botch ?
  9. Hmmm.. What kind of factors might cause complications? Is it like my own body factors or more like have to be very careful with external physical stuffs I do?
  10. You're not making a distinction. Solid silicone is fine, but liquid silicone (which the OP was referring to) is a definite NO.
  11. I think without silicone most of nose will eventually drooping? even with the cartilage
  12. Yes. Solid and liquid is very different.
    Agree with this post. I think the liquid one should be avoided.
  13. Hi anyone know if clinics in South Korea use other permanent or semipermanent fillers in the face?
    I'm really concerned because I m not sure what the clinic injected into my face in 2013.
    The injecting "doctor" told me the filler will go away within a year or two but it's been four years and I still have it and now it's a weird bump~ granuloma.
    I've contacted the clinic but the "doctor" is supposedly on personal leave and won't be back for months.
    I had surgery to remove some of it at a different clinic . The doctor doing the surgery said the filler was imbedded into my tissues. it was hard for him to remove more.

    If anyone knows anything about semi permanent or permanent fillers please private message me or quote me and please reply.
    I need to find out what kind of filler this is to have it removed.

    Thank you in advance
  14. From my research the fillers and liquids end up looking distorted over time. It's never recommended to get permanent fillers anywhere. And the implants can lead to infection and distort as well. People almost always need revision with those methods. When it comes to rhinoplasty, cartilage is the way to go.
  15. Korea has both temporary and permanent filler so no one can determine what they used on you except that clinic. A doctor on leaves sounds fishy but he likely can't remember what he did years ago. Ask them if they have any records on what you were treated with the day you went. If not, ask what fillers they used during 2013. BTW I've heard granulomas can also result from temporary filler.

    In the future whenever anything is put in your body whether it be a medication, stent, filler, or implant, make sure to record what it was, take a pic if you can of the lot number as if you need treatment in the future related to it, that info will come in handy.