Permanent Hair Straightening

  1. Hi girls

    Was wondering if anybody knows of a salon where I could get my hair permenantly straightened in Monterrey, Mexico? I have been getting it done for about 2 years and am on exchange from Australia so I have no idea where to start looking!

    If not Monterrey, maybe somewhere close by?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Jade xx
  2. i dont think there is such a thing.. i know you can get it chemically straighten and it last for about 3 or so months
  3. Yeah it does last about 3 months because it grows out.. its the japanese thermal straightening that i usually have done.. so nobody has any ideas where I can go ?

    thanks :smile:
  4. There is a Hair straigtening forum called the loons and they helped me find a stylist in LA and he's done it for me 4 years in a row. It lasts me about 9 months and it's straight straight. I love it because I used to have frizzy hair. No more:smile:
  5. Do you mind me asking how long is your hair and how much does it cost?