Permanent Eyebrow Makeup??

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  1. Has anyone done it? I don't mean the Katie Price black tattoo type but just wisps of color to fill in thin or grating areas. I feel this is the one thing that is really aging me.
  2. I do.....and actually it looks very natural

    it really gave me a more defined look

    my eyebrows were very light and in pictures it never looked like I had eyebrows and when I did color them in a bit within hours it disappeared.......

    I'm very happy with the results.
  3. My mom had it done.
    She's always had very thin eyebrows and finally decided this summer to just go get permanent makeup done. I'll admit, at first, I thought they were too dark - but apparently they (like a real tattoo) take a few days to heal and then look much more natural.
    Definitely worth it though, they look great.
  4. Have known several people who have had their eyebrows, eyeliner and lips

    done and are all happy with the results..
  5. my aunt does it for extra money. it looks like it hurts/
  6. I wouldnt have dared... what if you dont like it? Change your mind? Its not like you can cover it up with a sweater, it will be inyour FACE.
    Get a good pencil/powder, something to fill in what you have......
  7. I had my eyebrows done. I love the results. I don't regret it one bit.
  8. I know someone who does it, it looks great and very natural on those who get it done. I will definitely say that you need to find someone who specializes in tattooing makeup,I wouldn't get it at a regular tattoo shop.

    I've been thinking about it too since the ends of my eyebrows are so sparse, but then I wonder what if I want to change my eyebrow shape one day haha. So I've never gotten it done!
  9. I have it done. Eyebrows and eyeliner. Can't wait to get my eyeliner one retouched. I definitely love not having to do make-up at all for years now and when I pluck my eyebrows, I just go with my tattoo.
  10. i personally do NOT like the look of permanent eyebrows. i have only seen it on asian women, and it always looks like they have had their eyebrows done. no matter how thin you do the lines, it will not look like hair, you will see the hair sitting on top of the tattooed areas. i've seen decent eyeliner and lips, but as a makeup junkie myself, i would never have it done - what if you change your mind in the future about how you want to look? also, since it does fade over time (like any tattoo), the color can change. i also hear that it hurts a lot! and as for removal, not sure if it can be done on the face??

    please keep in mind that these are my opinions :flowers: i'm sure there are some ladies out there who could prove me wrong with their lovely permanent makeup! it also highly depends on the person doing it!
  11. I have mine done and I love them. Just make sure you pay good money for them and for gods sake do not get them done in some cheap salon. I went to an opthamologist that specializes in correcting bad eyebrow tatts and yes she was expensive but its a tattoo on your face you don't want to skimp! She spent an hour just drawing on the temp. to tattoo over. She took measurements from different angles, took loads of photos, and was very, very detail oriented. Then she went over it with a lighter color and a month later I went back to get the hairs drawn in in a darker color. They look very nice and photograph well.

    Also, when you pick out your shape don't go harsh. I personally think really arched dramatic eyebrows are hot, but then I realized I may not feel this way when I'm older. I opted for naturally arched and rounded too keep my face soft and natural looking for everyday and I just draw them in for nights I want to have the drama. Good luck!
  12. I just got mine done on Aug 25 and I am not too happy with them. The right brow looks a little bit larger then the left brow and the left brow looks a little bit longer then the right brow. I call the woman who did them and she told me to come back at the end of Sept to fix them. But I am not sure if I want her to touch them...does anyone think I should go somewhere else to get them fixes?
  13. In Asia, there's something known as eyebrow embroidery which is basically a tattoo that stays only on the top layer (epidermis?) of your skin. It basically fades off after 2 years or so, but does not leave the dreaded blue/green faded tattoo behind.


    One of my colleagues had it done and it looks very natural. I think permanent make up has come a long way in the last few years, just make sure you find the right person for the job and always ask to see examples of their work.

    Take note though, that your eyebrows will scab over for the first week or so. When they drop off, they will look much more natural. In the first pic you can see it looks a little too dark, but once the scabs have fallen off the tattoo it will look great.
  14. can anyone recommend a good place to get this done in Toronto?
  15. #15 Nov 20, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2010
    sorry to hijack an old thread, however i can't post a new thread yet (i'm new!) but i'm hoping someone might be able to help!

    i got my eyebrows tattoo-ed last thursday (it's sunday now) i'm an alopecia sufferer and finally parted with my bobbi brown eyeliner pencil after someone told me it looked unnatural when i filled in the gaps and i've felt self concious about it for months.

    i was recommended to a place in sydney, however with the aftercare they gave me no advice. so here some stuff i shouldn't of done which i did do but then read about it on google and started to freak out...

    i got them wet in the shower. when my forehead was throbbing after the tattoo - i splashed water on them to make then feel better (apparently this is a no-no)
    I got makeup on them from my foundation around my forehead.. and so when i tried to wipe it off, it just got in the tattoo.
    and i had no advise about mositurizing until i did a google so i've applied some vaseline today.

    i was told a light flim would flake off by day three, however it's day four and all i can feel is very thick scabbing especially at the start of the eyebrows. the left end of my eyebrow had came off while i was sleep (along with eyebrow hairs) this morning and there is no colour underneath.. just red raw skin. other than that it's not cracked except for the beginning of the eyebrow which came off after i spread vaseline but again instead of a colour it's just red raw (and seemingly infected now)

    i'm worried my eyebrows are just scarring instead of tattoo-ed - especially with the heavy scabbing. i wanted to call the place i had the done, however they're closed today and i'm feeling very anxious as i can't leave my apartment without my biggest of biggest chanel sunglasses or people staring at me

    there is a picture here + the light colour is the shade of my natural eyebrows (medium blonde)