Permanent Eye Liner

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  1. Does anyone know about permanent eye liner that is tattooed on, such as the procedure, cost, life of the color, etc?

    I also live in the SF area, so if you also know a good person to do them let me know! Thanks!
  2. I had it done about 8 months ago. I LOVE IT! My procedure was the Soft Tap method. Each stoke is done by hand so that there in more controll of where it goes. Stay away from anyone who uses a machine. I did it close to my lashline. I went into my apt. with the way I wear my eyeline during the day. You can always smoke it out at night. Make sure that you show the person who does is what you want it to look like. She/he should take a picture of it first before they start. I highly recommend it.
  3. Woah, cool! Had no idea you could have that done! go for it, May! Sorry, not much help b/c I'm not located in SF. :nogood:
  4. My mom and my sister had this done, I don't know much about cost, etc. because my aunt did it for them free (I'm a chicken) - but mom loves it!
  5. i have a friend that did it.. and ididnt like it on her it looked a bit weird and she always had to have eyeliner on top to even it out

    but im sure if u go somewhere good and they do it right it will look great
  6. I'm definitely looking into it! Thanks for the input thus far!
  7. My mum got it done and is really happy with it. I would be too scared to try it hehe, but I've never met someone unhappy that they got it done.
  8. My mother-in-law got this done a couple of years back... I think it looks great on her and has a very natural just-put-on eyeliner look. I don't know about the cost, sorry! She did say it was sort of painful and has been trying to get me to go get it done...I'm a little scared though to have something that close to my eye.
  9. The girl that did mine put on a numbing something and left it there for 15 min before she started. Didn't hurt a bit. I should have mentioned that I only did the top line. I haven't liked how the lowers have looked on people. The uneven look usually comes from a machine done tattoo.
  10. I think it looks good on people and my grandma had it done, but I don't know much about it. Scary, though! Good luck finding a place!
  11. I only know of one person who has done it...a good friend's Mom. She did both the permanent eyeliner and lipstick. On her I have to admit it looks a little harsh but if it saves her time in the morning and she likes it more power to her!
  12. I had it done twice for my top eyeline because the ink wouldn't stay, it's because my skin doesn't absorb the ink. I have a bit of black color now, but I still need to add eyeliner on top of it. The procedure doesn't really hurt because they do apply a numbing cream prior, but I tend to tear up REALLY easily so when I had it done tears kept rolling and the lady had to keep stopping to wipe tears from my eyes.
  13. Against it.
  14. i am also not a fan of the permanent make up. trends change so much and as we get older our likes and dislikes change. this is permanent, forever. what about the days you do not want to ear makeup, you look strange w/ just eyeliner on. Eyeliner does not take that long to but on in the morning , its about 1 minute. a older family friend did her eyeliner and eyebrows. I do not like that way it looks , its tooo harsh.

  15. Totally agree!!!