Permagena Sloan on Bluefly, extra 10% off today!

  1. someone go get it! wish it was me :smile:
  2. it's gone now. just saw a black medium veneta there for $950 - what a steal !
  3. ^^ :nuts:

    Tempted? :graucho:

  4. Thanks writetoshirley!:flowers: Because of your heads up I have a pergamena sloane coming my way:yahoo:I previously had this bag then let it go because I was unsure about the color. I have missed it ever since! It was a great day to buy it too. Between the 10% off and a 20% off code , final cost...$1300.00. Score!
  5. That is fate samanthascolection. you were meant to have that bag. im so glad that you are getting it again, especially as you are getting such a good deal:yahoo::yahoo:Congrats
  6. Wow...that's such a great deal! I am jealous! :drool:

    I was hoping to get the small woven cosmetics case...but it's gone :sad:
  7. yea!! You must post action pics when you get it. This is totally fate!!
  8. Sweet post writetoshirley, and congrats samantha! Yet another awesome BV on the way and what a :nuts: price!!

  9. that's me - always a sucker for a good deal and one can never have enough bvs !:p
  10. congrats samantha on such a fantastic buy - do post pics !
  11. go samantha!!! Great purchase! Congratulations, I can't wait to see pics :smile:
  12. Great deal, Samantha! Nice to see it return to your collection.
  13. Thanks everyone:flowers: Must have been fate as mentioned. I have been using my beautiful new sloane since she arrived last week. It really does go with everything! Just posted pics in the action thread. Hmmm, now which will be the next BV purchase?