Perlina handbags?

  1. I am sure some of you here have purchased Perlina handbags, and I was just wondering what everyone thought of the quality?
    I am looking at one because of the low price, but does that also mean low quality? I feel like some of the leather looks sythentic or cheap...
    Any comments/thoughts?
  2. I have no personal experience with them, but I did ask about them here recently because I noticed some on the Target web site(some were not leather).
  3. I have a couple of older Perlina bags and they were/are still some of my favorites. The quality of the leather and craftsmenship was very good. I still use a smaller bag I purchased 5 years ago when I travel internationally. I ususally stuff it into a larger bag when traveling.

    I am not sure of the current supply. A Nordstrom SA told me they decided to stop stocking Perlina becuase they were trying to sell more trendy bags. Good luck!
  4. The 'new' Perlina brand seems to be more focused on 'inexpensive', meaning plastic zippers and possibly not all leather. I was always a Perlina fan - but after seeing a 'new' Perlina at a local department store and seeing how they'd really backed off on quality, I'm hesitant to buy the brand right now. If you see something online that you like, I'd try to find it at a local store so you can examine it in person.

    I know Macy's has stopped carrying the brand as well - the SA wouldn't say why, but her 'tone' indicated that Macy's 'sells better than Perlina'.