Perlee signature bracelet and ring?

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  1. #1 May 17, 2016
    Last edited: May 17, 2016

    So i already have the sweet alhambra in carnelian stone and the mop mini butterfly bracelets .. I wear them together and the contrast between white and red is just so beautiful ..

    Im considering adding more sophostication to the stack .. All vca ..

    I want the perlee signature bracelet and ring ..

    I am light/medium skinned with slight olive undertones ..

    What color of gold u think would be a perfect combo with the color contrast of the mini's ..

    Rose gold

    Love to know ur opinion :smile:
  2. White gold would really pop out with your skin undertone. However, YG & PG match the alhambra pieces that you have.
  3. I like yg because there are more pieces in yg that will coordinate with the bracelet should you continue to collect VCA.
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  4. I wear my diamond Perlee clover all the time. I love it. It is quintessentially VCA. For me, I would not get the all diamond Perlee because I'd rather have other things at that price point if/when I want to spend that kind of money.
  5. Perlee collection looks best in YG. I don't know why, I might consider RG, but no, no to WG.
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  6. White gold is my prefered preference since its so neutral and timeless.
    Try before buy i guess?
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  7. Definitely try on!
    If they look equally great, I would probably recommend YG as first choice. I have YG & WG and love them semi-equally and get compliments on both, but people always refer to my WG as the "silver" one and I have to correct them in a mock-angry/offended way, LOL (of course I only do this to close friends/family) :P