Perlee Perles d'Or stacked with Love Bracelet

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  1. Hello everyone. Hope this goes here. If not, I apologize. :smile:

    I'm curious about the combination/stacking of the Perles d'Or bracelet with the Love but I can't find pictures of it anywhere. Does anyone here own the combo and could show me how they look together? I am mainly concerned about sizing, since I don't like the look of the Perlee Signature and the Love together (Signature looks too big IMO).

    If not I may have to go to the VCA store to try on in person.
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  2. Hi Lux,
    Here is one I took today of my Love with Perles d'Or bracelet! My Love is size 17 and bracelet is medium.
    Hope this helps.

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  3. love these together...definitely think the d'or is my next purchase. Thank you for the pic
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  4. They look great together :love:!
  5. Here is a picture of my Perlee Perles d'Or bracelet in YG stacked with my YG Love bracelet & my new 5 motif turquoise vintage alhambra bracelet!

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  6. Sorry pictures are so big. How do you make smaller?
  7. This stack is so gorgeous kimber :loveeyes: I especially L:heart:VE the Turquoise bracelet.

    And don't worry about the pics being too big - it's a lot more for us to see and enjoy ;)
  8. Thank you Hadassa! I was very lucky to find one that matches my 20 motif turquoise VCA. I have been looking for so long for the 5 motif bracelet. BTW - I love the 20 motif WG you posted :heart:
  9. The colour of the Turquoise is so gorgeous :hbeat:

    I can only dream of owning that 20-motifs WG right now :girlsigh:
  10. You will find one ---- just be vigilant! Do you want YG or WG?
  11. I am confused now :-s At first I was adamant that I wanted YG but now, seeing everyone's pics with WG, it's making me want WG more :girlsigh: I am picturing it with my WG Pave Frivole earrings ;)
  12. That is soo dreamy!
  13. Congrats on your Turquoise, love this stack[emoji170]
  14. They look great together.
  15. Thanks for the pics. The combination is beautiful. :nuts:
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