Perlee bracelet with diamonds-rose or yellow gold?

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  1. HI. I'm thinking of biting the bullet and getting this but having a difficult time deciding between the two colors.
    I've tried both on and like both. The practical side tells me to get the yellow as this is classic but I do really like this in rose gold as well. Does anybody know if this bracelet in rose gold changes color over time!
    I only have a couple rose gold pieces as I usually buy yellow gold.
    Which do you prefer?
  2. I really like the look of the rose gold more, but it does fade with time. If you are going to be rough on your bracelets, I would suggest the YG.
  3. It's a big investment.
    Yellow gold
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  4. Voting for yellow gold over rose gold.
  5. Pic of your skin tone?
  6. I think it should be whatever color you would wear more often because it is too big of an investment to not wear often. I could never wear yellow gold with my skin tone so I bought it in rose gold. I think it might fade but only lightly and it will still have the warmth of the rose color that I love. Choose what you love and you cannot go wrong.
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  7. Yes, I agree with the ladies above. Your skin tone is super important. As stated in another thread, I am Asian with naturally very fair skin and heavy yellow undertones. YG used to look horrible on me! So, when I considered the Perlee Clover, I went for RG . Fast forward one year later, I now have a light cappuccino/ milk-chocolate tan and YG looks beautiful on me!:biggrin:

    I still love RG and am still super loving my Perlee Clover bracelet. The rose colour hasn't faded at all, at least not to my eye.
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  8. I bought rose gold because I own a 20, 10 and 5 motif Alhambra set and PG looks great on my skin tone.
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  9. Both the pink gold and the yellow gold are so beautiful. I really loved both equally with my skin tone. What mattered to me was which gold would make sense based on the rest of my collection.
    I currently have just the signature and the perles d'or bracelets but I applied the same thought process. While I do have several pink gold items ( most are limited edition) the majority of my VCA collection is yellow gold or pave. It just made more sense (to me) to start collecting bracelets in yg.
    The clover perlee is on my wish list and if/when I purchase the piece I'll likely wear my perles d'or with it.
    The great news is that VCA pink gold and yellow gold are close enough that you won't have an issue pairing the bracelet with other VCA yg pieces such as a necklace or earrings.
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  10. Such a big investment like the other poster said. My small VCA collection is all YG, I'm saving for a diamond perlee bracelet right now. My choice would be YG.

    When I was at the VCA store, my heart just fell for the all diamond perlee bracelet. While I like the diamond one with motifs, my heart screams the all diamond piece. And since it's all diamonds, metal color is of course naturally YG.


    PS: this is an inspiration pic from the Internet.
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  11. Definitely go with what your heart screams for. ❤️
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  12. OP - did you decide? I am facing same dilemma now. Both RG and Yg look great on me, but most of my jewelry is YG or WG/platinum. The bracelet will be stack with 3 loves - one in each gold tone, but Cartier RG is muted compared to VCA. Leaning towards YG but RG is gorgeous too.
  13. I don't have this lovely bracelet yet.

    But I do have the perlee clover diamond ring and I chose yellow gold because all of my van cleef alhambra stone collection are in yellow gold (Onyx, MOP, Carnelian, Malachite) and I bought the ring to use everyday and to pair with my alhambra pieces.

    I loved the look of the rose gold but yellow gold just seemed more practical to me.
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  14. YG for sure.
    I have one in WG though and i love that.
    Best regards, M
  15. Mine is RG, because I think it looked better on my skin tone.