Perle Wallet/Accessories/Agenda


Dec 29, 2006
Anyone own a Perle Wallet/Accessories/Agenda? Is it really hard to maintain? I want an agenda and a new wallet and I've been eyeing on the Perle's so pretty but I'm worried that it will get dirty fast...
I'm planning on getting a small wallet in perle vernis (for when I'm carrying a small bag), and possibly a keyholder as well. I wouldn't worry too much about keeping them clean, as long as they're inside your handbag they're safe.

But ... I've just bought the agenda in framboise and even though it's a darker colour, I'm still going to have to be more careful than I usually am. I very often go to make a note in my current diary and just plop it on top of whatever's in front of me, usually either my cluttered desktop or the adjoining table, which is covered in stacks of printed out computer paper. I often sit my diary on one of those stacks of paper and that's a habit I'll have to unlearn when I start using the agenda, because it's a total no-no with vernis, particularly light coloured vernis. But when you know you have to be careful about something like that, you just adjust to accommodate it. If you love the perle, go for it!
pinkcupcake - where did you get your framboise agenda? im looking for that color too....i thought it was sold out

coldplaylover - do you put ur wallet in a dustbag or you just throw your wallet in your bag?
i have the pearl cles and I really love it. Right now i'm using it in my bag to hold my other cards and it's doing pretty good. I'm just careful not to have receipts loose in my bag as I don't want anything to transfer on it. That would be the only thing. Other than that it's holding up pretty well.

Oh I also have a pomme agenda, and I love it too. I've been using that straight since I got it in May and it's doing really well!