Perle Vernis Speedy-I'm so confused!

  1. I've seen this girl with a Perle Vernis Speedy coming out of LV twice now. I know this has been discussed but I would love to know for sure. I stopped her tonight and asked her about the bag. She said her DH bought it when they were in Tokyo and let me look at it. It is amazing and she keeps it absolutely prestine. She gave me an email and told me to email her tomorrow because she knows someone else who has one who would like to sell it. She told me the bag is used and has slight scratches but is in otherwise very good condition. The price is 1675.00. Said she'll send me pics as soon as she can get some. Of course I will post them for your scrutiny and opinions but should I get excited? Was such a bag made?
  2. The only Vernis speedy I've ever heard of is a fake one- but, if she's walking out of LV with her head held high...........
  3. is there any way of inquiring with LV to see if this bag really exists?
  4. I have read from another similar post that someone had confirmed not and someone had confirmed there was so I'll call tomorrow to see if I can find out from them. Thought I'd ask here, you know, the REAL experts. :yes:
  5. Yeah I think Laurence had said it couldn't be SO'd so it's definitely not an SO piece.
    I'd read somewhere that it was completely exclusive to Japan though so that's probably the case. There was a topic on here under the title "vernis speedy" that talked about this and someone had posted the link to an ebay auction selling the same bag, which IMO, looked WAY too perfect to have been a fake. From what I'd learned, like I said, it was exclusive to Japan and it only came in Perle.
  6. Good luck, I hope it is real, so you can be happy! Wow, that does sound like a really pretty bag!

  7. lol.. I :heart: your response!! well, if it IS real and IS available to you, I hope you can get it!! It sound beautiful, and I :heart: the perle color!!
  8. I agree! Those pictures from that auction awhile ago were breathtaking.
  9. perle vernis speedy does exist. i have a pic of it in a japanese brand magazine. the zipper is different (its metal) compared to regular speedies that have a leather pull.
  10. Yes I remember this too. Was it in the random lv pics thread also? Somewhere on this board someone posted a pic of this bag.
  11. Gosh I wish they would make the vernis speedy for the states! That would be SWEET!

  12. LOL!! I would be SOOO broke!!

  13. this is what I have heard also...there are pics somewhere in this forum of the perle's exquisite!:love:
  14. I know me too!! They really need to do this! Purse ban would be LONG GONE! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :roflmfao:
  15. That particular Vernis Speedy was made for the comemeration for the opening of some really big Boutique in Japan it was in a Japanese Brand Magazine,

    definitely authentic.