Perle PTI !

  1. Yippie, it's finally here ! :yahoo:

    I wasn't sure if I really wanted to keep it, but the colour is stunning - it will be quite a project to make sure she stays clean (as her previous owner did seem to run into some trouble with that). Look at all that room that I can grow into though - I've taken a photo with my current "wallet", two cles.

  2. Congrats Ayla, it's a great wallet-I have the same style in the red and use it all the time. It still looks like new, if you can stand to be as fussy, I keep mine inside it's dustcover as it rolls around my bag and just discreetly slip it out of the cover before I take it out to pay for stuff. ( so people don't think I am a total obessive.:lol: :lol: )
  3. It may be a little high maintenance, but it's BEAUTIFUL Ayla! CONGRATS!!
  4. ooh I like it! good luck with keeping the color nice - I agree with slayer, keep it in the dustbag in your bag...that would probably be less stressful
  5. Beautiful, ayla! Congrats on the purchase :smile:
  6. Spanks everyone !

    Slayer, I was thinking of doing that actually although I'm pretty sure if anyone found out, they'd definitely laugh ! :shame:
  7. Ayla!! It's so pretty! Congrats and enjoy it!!
  8. It is gorgeous! congrats congrats!
  9. What a beautiful wallet!! Congratulations, ayla!!!!
  10. Its beautiful! I wanted to get one too, but I'm too afraid I might get transfers on it!
  11. congrat's, great find.
  12. Congrats! I have a Mono PTI, and love it. The Perle is a beautiful color!
  13. wow there is already color transfer :sad:

    I love vernis. I dont like the traditional monogram lv...I think the vernis concept in different colors was BRILLIANT..I own almost one piece in each fav is bronze and fuschia!
  14. Congrats! She's puurrty!
  15. Congrats!