Perle or Pomme Vernis Cles?

  1. I can't decide between the two! They both are so pretty :push:
    Keep in mind that I only have an azur speedy 25 (for now... saving up for more later) and I'm planning to for sure get a pomme wallet in either ludlow or zippy coin wallet if it comes out in pomme.

    Should I just get the white perle cles since I'll be getting something in pomme already? I don't really want to have two pomme items.
    But, on the other hand, how is the perle in terms of its dirt-attraction (lol)?

    Please give me your views and insight oh the two. Thanks in advance!

    Here they are, in their eluxury splendor:


    Help please!
  2. IMO if you're going to get the Ludlow in Pomme then you should get the cles in Perle. They're both pretty colors but I would like to have different colors. That is the exact reason why I didn't pick up the new cles in Pomme today. As for dirt attraction, I don't think vernis pieces collect any dirt but I have heard of color transfer issues with light colors.
  3. pomme!
  4. Pomme, I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!! :heart:
  5. No doubt: POMME. Perle is gorgeous, but the upkeep is too troublesome.
  6. I have both and I find that the pomme matches almost everything LV. I first got the pearl and actually use it as a key chain/holder ... bad idea. The vernis part held up real well, but the zipper which is white is now dirty looking. As for the pomme, I just use it as a charm on my bags and sometimes I use it to hold extra cc's or bus. cards. so, I recommend the pomme!
  7. Pomme, it's such a stunning color and will go with any bag.
  8. I'd definitely go with POMME hands down. The color is just absolutely gorgeous. :heart:
  9. i think the perle is beautiful, but if used regularly it will show dirt, color transfer, etc. i use my pomme cles every day and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! get POMME!!!
  10. POMME!!!! POMME!!!!POMME!!!! POMME!!!!

    There is a new LE Pomme Cles that just came out. It is a little bigger then the regular Cles. It holds alot more. I almost bought it today.
  11. pomme!!!
  12. Check out the new cles in vernis which is bigger than the regular cles. there's a new violette color. I'm not really a fan of the light colored vernis because of the possibility of color transfer. I vote for pomme or violette!
  13. Pomme :yes:
  14. Go for the pomme and spend the little bit extra to get the LE pochette cles - it holds tons more and has the LE cache! You won't have to worry about color transfer.
  15. Perle is gorgeous, but I've dealt with color transfer. When it happens, there's nothing you can do.