Perle Bedford, Cles and Python Mary Janes

  1. My attempt at a sexy post, haha, once a nerd always a nerd, go ahead, laugh your ass off! I :heart: this forum!
    Perle mini ass.jpg To Post Perle & Mini.jpg To Post Sexi mini shot.jpg
  2. lol!!!!!!!!!! It looks good!!!!!!!! I love that bedford!
  3. Cute...cute car, too ;)
  4. OMG loves it Veronika...You lil minx :graucho: :wlae:
  5. Lolllll :roflmfao:
    Too funny, two thumbs up!!
  6. Tanks grrrl.... I totally scored that dop kit from Barbie's nightmare and have been laughing for two days over it, noone freakin gets it.... but you... ha!
  7. Lol. Those poses are classic. ;)
  8. OMG..You are so funny!!! I laughed so hard...

    love them all..where did you get the shoes from?? love to get the same pattarn for my cobra bag..
  9. Great pics! I love your Mini cooper too ;)
  10. :roflmfao: these are by far the best modelling pics I've seen! What a great way to inject some fun into the pics! and that's a great looking bedford btw!
  11. :roflmfao: That's so funny, love the bag and shoe combo though!
  12. great!!!
  13. So cute :smile:
    Love the bag :yahoo:
  14. great pics!!!
  15. I think your photographs are very clever! So cute!
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