Perlabrina Tahitian pearl handbags--need feedback please!!


Sep 12, 2006
Hi everyone,

My name is Sam Fonoimoana and I feel somewhat out of place here since I am a large Samoan man! Anyways, my wife Sabrina is from Tahiti--born and raised. I have been a member of tPF for a few months now. I am no girly Samoan that's for sure:P --I just wanted to get a feel for handbag tastes and trends.

We have been working on our handbag line for the past 6 months. We will be displaying our samples at Accessories The Show in NY this January and in LV this February.

Our handbag line is called Perlabrina. I've posted pictures of some of our collection samples and you'll notice a metal flower (the Tiare) on each leather bag. At the center of the Tiare is an authentic Tahitian pearl straight from Tahiti (none of this faux stuff!). One pearl for each bag for now, since multiple pearls will cause the price to skyrocket quickly.

I would appreciate any feedback on the bags! Do you like the style, colors, concept? Please baggistas, any feedback would be just great.

*Please note that this is not a solicitation since I don't have any inventory, website, sales reps, distribution, nada!! Just some samples and a shot at the big show!!


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My favorite is the brown chain one! I see the others as being more for summer use because of the colors. You have created some beautiful bags. Good luck with your line!
I love the idea of the design and idea of the flower with the pearl but I wish the handbags were less structured. They seem too rigid and boxy to me. I don't think the younger crowd generally favors this shape...
I like the first two. The bags have nice clean lines but I'm not too crazy for all the adornments. The pink bag looks a little "young" to me. (I'm 43 from NYC.)
my favorite is the brown one, i think it would be popular with all age groups.

IMO the green one is a little tacky. I think the chains look a bit cheap and there are too many of them. I would also not put it diagonally across the bag like that, it looks too flashy. Perhaps one thicker chain going horizontally around the top of the bag with the flower in the middle would be better.

I hope i didn't offend you because other than that, i think the rest are great!
I think you've done a goodjob for a start , they look like good quality stuff to me.Especially the brown one.You can always work on developing your style later on. Good luck :smile:
The first pink one is definitely my favorite. I like the color but not the black accents or the boxiness of it. The pearl idea actually really appealed to me and it makes them seem special and desireable. The brown bag is cute too but the rest seem sort of overembellished and tacky. The inclusion of a real pearl is a very luxurious idea and I think the designs of the bags should reflect that. I would definitely go for squishier, better quality leathers, softer shapes, and more classy decorations. Avoid the studs and the big rings- they are overdone and make the bag look cheap. I guess I'm thinking something along the lines of Marc Jacobs or Kooba when I give these suggestions. IMO tortoise shell-looking accents would look far more stunning than the black.

When you finish the collection, will you tell us? I know solicitation is not allowed but I would really like to see how they turn out. And maybe buy one!
I like the first two. But the pearl seems overwhelmed by the shiny flower. I wonder if there wouldn't be a better way to accent the pearl. The green one's shape was fine, but the chains were just too much.
I definitely am not offended at any opinions you have (only if you start talking about my mama:P ) The more, the better for me. I am trying to get a sense of what people like/dislike and indeed my wife and I will take these into consideration. Thanks peeps!