Perja's collection

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  1. I really really love your collection! I can't stop staring!!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  2. :love: :shame: Thanks!
  3. And another addition

  4. Perja, what a great collection! Love your vintage bags!
  5. Thank you! I hope it's not too "cheap", compared to the rest of you with your wonderful LV, Chloe and what-have-you-designer bags ;)
  6. Just the right amount and the right style bags!!
  7. perja that grenat paddy is fab
    but my real love is for all the unique clutch bags
  8. Just beautiful. Love your style/taste. Just because there's not a designer name attached doesnt mean it's cheap. Nothing's "cheap" if you value it.
  9. cute clutch
  10. That Cerise Paddy is TDF! Lovely collection :love:
  11. :love: Thank you, thank you. Bags and I are all blushing :shame: :love:
  12. Grenat Paddy is absolutely beautiful!!!
  13. You have wonderful taste.
  14. nice your paddy
  15. IMG_1358.jpg

    And Kerala.