Perja's collection

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  1. Really lovely collection!!!
  2. Pretty!:love:
  3. Nice peices in your collection, Perja. Your Dior is shaped just like my vintage Gucci bag.:biggrin: And I love that cute mini Paddy:love:
  4. I love the Dior bag!! Beautiful collection.
  5. Beautiful! The Baby paddy is so cute!
  6. Beautiful paddy. The red is so nice.
  7. what a gorgeous collection!! i love the vintage dior!
  8. Would you believe me if I said it's my gym kit bag now? ;)
  9. Wow......u still have the vintage dior bag.......I love vintage items.
  10. I love your paddy - I would love a paddy too
  11. And now, the rest of the family... Well, those I could find and that weren't cheap bags.

    My Jerome Gruet bags (missing black pinstripe clutch/pencil case)

    IMG_1240.jpg IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1256.jpg IMG_1259.jpg IMG_1263.jpg

    Pink wool clutch with chain, red & pink medium tote, beige & pink small tote, green & turquoise small tote, chocolate cashmere and turquoise long large tote.
  12. Lancel

    IMG_1246.jpg IMG_1247.jpg IMG_1251.jpg IMG_1252.jpg IMG_1262.jpg

    Lancel small accessories (clockwise from left): canvas water bottle holder, jewelry case, red coin purse, cellphone holder, black coin purse, black wallet, black "companion" (large wallet with checkbook), red wristlet. Freebie Lancel summer bag in apple green, black leather box shape bag, black canvas and leather (1st designer bag, gift from Mom :love:), black shoulder bag

    Most of the leather items are from the Ebene collection which I love and has been since discontinued.
  13. Lancel and Molton Brown

    IMG_1255.jpg IMG_1250.jpg IMG_1264.jpg IMG_1265.jpg IMG_1266.jpg

    Lancel: Red leather briefcase, black leather small zippy case and wristlet/clutch. Molton Brown: brown/burgundy leather handbag, brown City Life, cream Metropolitan
  14. Misc.
    IMG_1241.jpg IMG_1248.jpg IMG_1249.jpg IMG_1261.jpg IMG_1257.jpg

    Jaeger embossed leather tote, Vanessa Bruno small canvas tote, Prada cherry messenger bag, Furla pink tote, unknown woven ribbon bag
  15. Indie designers & Misc.

    IMG_1244.jpg IMG_1260.jpg IMG_1253.jpg IMG_1258.jpg IMG_1254.jpg

    Marketa canvas clutch with flower pin, Anna Torborg corduroy clutch, Thea Starr mini bag, Antoine&Lili blue knitted bag, Antoine&Lili silk moiré messenger bag, Antoine&Lili black with red lining cotton messenger bag

    Antoine&Lili is a French brand of clothing, accessories and home decor with a quirky eastern twist. It was boho before boho was invented by Hollywood.

    That's it, pretty much! :nuts: :love: