Perja's collection

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  1. Here are the few bags I have out at the moment.

    IMG_1228.jpg IMG_1229.jpg IMG_1231.jpg IMG_1232.jpg IMG_1230.jpg

    Left to right, Cerise my baby Grenat Paddy, Jerome Gruet canvas tote, Lancel bag in textured brown leather with orange stiching, vintage Dior bag inherited from Mom and Repetto lamb clutch.
  2. Nice collection! The grenat paddy is beautiful :nuts:
  3. your collection is great! you've got some really nice pieces!!!!!! :nuts:

    totally love the colour of your paddington!!! :love:

    thanks for sharing!!! :smile:
  4. What unique collection! You are truly a collector. :smile:
  5. Oooh I love the lamb clutch, and your paddy is gorgeous ! ;)
  6. Gorgeous collection!!
  7. Very nice collection. I love the paddy!
  8. I love the paddy in red.
  9. Great collection.
  10. I really like the Lancel, nice collection Perja.
  11. nice paddy!!:love:
  12. Thanks! I'll add the other bags when I have a chance to take a picture.
  13. Lovely collection :biggrin:
  14. What a nice collection you have, Perja! I love the Lancel, very nice texture and cool stitching. And the red paddy is sooo cute...
  15. Lovely collection Perja :love: