Perja, names of scarves

  1. Perja, here's the names of your mother's scarves. I didn't want to answer on the other thread and hijack it. I'm sorry I couldn't get all of them, but I believe that number 5 on the list has the name printed on them. I couldn't make them out from their pictures, but if you could look on the scarves themselves you would be able to tell. Once you get the name could you please let me know what they are, as I am curious myself.
    1. Caleche
    2. Trompe de Chase
    3. Untitled
    4. Marine National
    5. Don't know
    6. Maillons
    7. Caleche
    8. Caleche
    9. Untitled
    10. Cles
    11. Scotland
    12. Marine Et Rames
    13. Couvertures et Tenue du Jour
    14. Caleche
    15. Selliers a Housse
    16. Dies et Hore
    17. Provenance
    18. Bous de Bolougne
    19. Amazones Les Perfume Hermes
    20. Grand Apparat
  2. WOW!!!!
    Hermesgroupie, you're extremely fast! :nuts: Thank you so much for your help. :flowers:
    I'll look at them all to see if there are names for the ones you didn't identify.
  3. Perja, my apologies, I went back for a second look. Numbers 1 and 14 are actually Voitures a Transformation