Perja, don't you have something to tell us???

  1. If I remember well our Perja was supposed to :wacko:camp:wacko: outside the H sale in Paris veeeeery early this morning.

    This makes me really sick:hysteric:.

    Sorry sweety but not sick for all that cold that you've had to fight (I hope Ladurée has helped:popcorn:), but because I couldn't be in Paris this time!
    Ok, so I promise, I am NOT going to miss the summer one, so Perja just consider you are booked from now.

    But let's get down to serious topics now: what did you get? and what did I miss:cry: :crybaby:?????
  2. Hehehe, I know what she got, but I'm not telling.......
  3. Perja, Perja......Bueller.... Bueller.....
  4. I'm wanting to know also...I'm a newer 'poster' even though I joined awhile ago but am a Hermes lover...have Kelly, boots and want a Birkin now!!:yahoo:
  5. :popcorn:
  6. spill the beans!!!!!!! come clean!!!!!!!
  7. WhAAAAAAAAT?!? How do you :drool: :cry: :blink: :lol: :borg1: :death: :death: :death: !!!
  8. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
  9. :whistle:

    :welcome:Hello ladies!

    These are not the purchases you are looking for :borg:
  10. That's just wrong:sad:
  11. *zombies* yes ladies, these are not the purchases we're looking for.:shocked:
  12. Okay, so I got there at 9am because the sirens of Laduree were just too hard to resist and waited outside in the cold for 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours while the queue crawled forward at a snail's pace and women were trying to cut the q right left and center.

    There were lots of Asian ladies here, some with gorgeous bags (gold togo, I'm looking at YOU) and an eclectic mix of everyone else. I met this really nice Japanese lady who was here with her mum.

    Finally, the golden doors were looming above me and I stepped inside to see...
  13. :hysteric: J/K :lol:
  14. Aaannnnd??????
  15. and????????????????????????? :confused1: