Periwinkle patent simples

  1. Who has blue simples and what all do you wear them with?? I found the periwinkle blue patent simples and of course I have to 2nd guess myself. I know they would get use, well you know how it is..affirminations are needed.
  2. Here are pics, but she said they are not really this bright.
    Simple Pump Blu 002.jpg Simple Pump Blu 001.jpg
  3. I think that will be a great pump for the spring/summer months. I think that a pop of color always go well with neutrals, especially that color blue with white. And of course you can't go wrong with all black or grey with a fun colored shoe.
  4. For some reason I can see those with a great pair of grey/charcoal wide leg pants - and, like Kamilla said, you can't go wrong with wearing them with black!
  5. Those are beautiful! I see jeans or black pants with a crisp white blouse. White pants in the summer would be stunning!
  6. I love those!!!!!!
  7. Thanks!! You changed your avator, just noticed!
  8. Again! Ravi bites the dust! lol It was actually my daughter fooling around with my pictures while I was in the kitchen making Baklava. She's only 12 and probably already knows more computer stuff than I do! lol I'll probaby change it again though, cause I don't like this pic of me that much...looks like a school picture with the posing. lol I prefer to display the kids being my daughter and my dogs. lol
  9. ^ You look gorgeous! I love it.

    cjy- nice signature :graucho:

    I love the color..just not sure if I would wear it a lot.
  10. Priin...Help! If you click on my signature it goes no where!! :confused1:What am I doing wrong??? I go to edit signature, type it in and hi light. If I click on the globe it won't take ok!! How did you add yours?? I am having a lot of anxiety over this!! :hysteric:
  11. Are you kidding! You are beautiful! That's a bad pic???? Maybe you could get a group shop with Ravi included.:yes:

    If you want to see a bad pic.. I yook pictures of myself after eye surgery in Sept. Cosmetic.. eyelift. Now That is a bad pic! My big bad Marine son would not even look at them. The results were worth the bruising and pain though!!
  12. OOO I love the color on these! Are these at the CL in BH???
  13. You know it!! Alisha sent the pics!!:wlae:
  14. CJY I looove them!!! what is the heel height and where did you find them? I say get them
  15. Highlight whatever words you want to bring you to the chat thread, then press the little globe and enter the link. That should do it. ;)