Periwinkle Part time GH??

  1. I just called BalNY and asked what colors were available in the part time with GH... She named the usual suspects and then mentioned the color periwinkle and I was intrigued ... Does anyone have this color in GH? If so, please show me!

    Do you think she could have made a mistake?

  2. did they have any sandstone GH part-times avail??
  3. Perfect - thank you for the informaiton... now I don't know what I want Blue Glaciar or French Blue... yikes!
  4. I prefer Periwrinkle. It reminds of of a favorite pair of light blue denim.:yahoo:
  5. Unless you are someone who prefers veinier leather, I would go with French blue, OR make sure to see pics of the exact blue glacier bag you will get. It is only anecdotal, and only me, but so far all the BG bags I've seen had this kind of leather and FB bags did not. It isn't a problem if you like the veiny look, which a lot of people do.
  6. Oh...I have the Periwinkle PT/GH and I so much adore it. It's such a beauty and it gets so much attention when I take her out. Some people do not like the veiny and marbled look, but actually that's what make her stand out even more. Even though she looks veiny the leather is actually even thicker than my naturel.

    She's such a beauty and I love her!