Period pains

  1. I have quite light periods as I am on the pill and don't suffer from constant pain but I get sudden cramps, like shooting pains that like paralyse me bscause they are so painful and it can be quite embarrassing if I am in a shop or something. Just wondering does anyone else get these and do they take anything? :smile:
  2. Don't mean to get gross, but I know women often get more gas/bloating during their period... maybe these are gas pains?
  3. I am one of those girls who get killer cramps (I mean KILLER) for most of my periods. But I've noticed that the pain really starts kicking in when hardly anything is coming out. This usually is a result of the menstrual fluid being kind of clumpy. My theory is that the pain is caused by the muscles in your body attempting to push out those clumps. I personally have never been on birth control. However, you did mention that your periods are light. Maybe your body is trying to push as much fluid out as it possibly can? I don't know.
  4. ^^ yup, I had some terrible cramping the other day and it was at the very end of my period, i don't get it! my doc said just take some pain meds like tylenol or aleve before your period starts so that it's in your system by the time you start. she said it's ok to take like 3 or 4 of them. i'm really averse to taking any pills at all but around that time i'm forced to mask the pain with something.
  5. I take 1 Aleve a day starting 3 days before I am supposed to start. This helps the blood thin out thus causing less "clumps" and less pain(for me anyways).
    The first day of my period is always the worst and I usually end up taking 2 Aleve 3 times for the first day. I swear by Aleve, nothing else helps my cramps.. Im talking not even doctor prescribed pain meds. Since Ive been taking Aleve I havent had not one "Stay in bed and cry" day(as my SO calls it lol).
    I also :heart: the little ThermaCare heating pads for menstrual cramps, those are the best!
  6. I was having erratic and painful periods a few years ago. It turned out I had a cyst on an ovary which didnt go away so I had to have it cut out. They then discovered I had endometriosis - which causes quite painful periods. Perhaps you could look into that? I am trying to take supplements and improve my diet so I feel better. Best of luck.
  7. My periods are really regular, when I have my break from the pill, the pill has also made them really light. I don't have constant pain either, it's just these sudden crampish pains. I have taken those special tablets for periods but they are basically just paracetamol. I'm taking Nurofen at the moment! God I hate periods, I'm surprised nothing has been invented to get it all over in in a day!
  8. I have awful pains and nausea on the second or third day of my period, the other days, just minor back pains.
  9. Hmm, I was under the impression that if you're on the pill, there will be NO cramps at all. The doctors here rush to put girls on the pill when they have painful periods.
    Definitely get this checked out with your doctor. Not to alarm you, but maybe something isn't right?
  10. My sister used to suffer from horrible menstrual cramps. She found something that really worked for her. She doesn't have that problem anymore.
  11. me too. my blood sugar drops really low and im always on the verge of passing out.
  12. Yeah, I'm anti-meds too. No matter how intense the pain has been, I have always managed to bare it to the very end. I just have this idea that my body would grow immune to whatever pain killer I'd be taking and the possibility of the cramps getting worse. However, I have more responsibilities these days so if I REALLY needed the pain killers (like if it came on an exam day), I'm going to take them.
  13. I get those, I have ovarian problems, they use to be at any time... even when I wasn't on my period but b/c I'm on BC its just during my period. My doctor told me that even a couple of days before your period to take about 4 Ibuprofen's every 6 hours and keep it going through the period. It helps everything flow better? I'm not good at taking medication on time so not sure if it helps? I just take some of my panic attack medicine which for some reason cures the pain cause it relaxes the body like a muscle relaxer... but usually I just fight through the pain and get pissy and cry at the same time :shrugs:
  14. Try taking Magnesium pills to help with your cramps.

  15. :tup: How interesting that I am the same way. NOTHING helps me but Aleve. I'm actually going to start BACK on BC because that helped to make my periods lighter and more tolerable. I do pretty much the same things you do...except I don't always take the Aleve like I should before my period starts. And I tell EVERYONE about those little Therma care pads. They are WONDERFUL.