Period pain musings: If you could pick, would you want to be a man or woman?

  1. Ugh... my stomach hurts so bad I want to cry :sad: ... I'm kinda cuddled up w/ a hot water bottle right now...

    Which led me to wonder, there's so many great things about being a girl (Handbags being a major one :biggrin: :yes: ), but times like this makes me envy the other gender a bit...

    Does anyone ever get this feeling?
  2. There were many times growing up when I wished I had been born male. But as I got older and especially when I was pregnant and when I had my son I was so thrilled -- would never have given up that experience.
  3. Yes, only that time of the month though and when faced with delightful prospects such as hot wax, eyelash curlers, etc... :blink: :P
    Hope you feel better soon! :flowers:
  4. Thanks gg

    Deb, that is good to know :smile: It's such a coincidence- My friend is actually at the hospital right now, her water broke this morning (10 days early)!
  5. the only time i wish i could be a man is when i feel like you do...otherwise i like makeup, sparkley stuff and fashion waaaay too much to give it up. besides, i like it when people pay for me and buy me definately get the short end of that stick. :yes:

    but yes, there are definately two or three days of the month i would trade places in a second. hope you feel better soon!! :flowers:
  6. i feel your pain. literally as i am hunched over typing in horrible discomfort. i sometimes wonder too.
  7. I have very bad period cramps too, but I've never wanted to be a man. I buy something calls "Panadol Pink" and take 2 and it always works for me. Hope you feel better!
  8. my cramps could feel like a pick axe is cutting me in two. still would be a woman any day!!!!
  9. I've gone the emergency room because of my cramps. They hurt like the dickens! Those heat patches are great from Icey Hot that you just stick on, that way can go about your day and still get heat treatment.

    Sometimes I think I would like to be dude, but I'd be the queeniest gay boy around still.
    Think bryanboy, but tall pale and probably more butch.
  10. Hang in there- I know how that feels. During my period, I wish I could be doing anything else- even sitting in a boring cubicle filing papers naked while everyone watches me and picks out each of my arm hairs

    Ok that is a bit extreme...

    But I feel your pain.

    But to be a woman- have the chance to give birth yourself to your own child, dress up, look sexy, flirt, ahh I love it!!!
  11. I hate that time of the month! My cramps are so bad that I had to go to the ER a few times. But even after all the pain, I still would rather be a woman :biggrin:
  12. Oh please guys, I would rather be a man...Being pregnant w/ my twins was hell! I puked threw my entire pregnancy multiple times a day, was on bed rest for 3 months, and had such bad pain from my uterus stretching that I would vomit from that as well. On top of it all when ever the little buggers moved around it looked like something out of the movie "Alien". Did I mention my csection scar and the fact that I missed a Nordstrom shoe sale to give birth to them?

    Bleeding and PMS monthly sucks, plus aging and being a woman sucks. If I were a man I wouldn't have to worry about it...Go bald? No problem my wife will still love me. Beer belly? Fabulous! Grey pubes, super! Wouldn't have to shave my legs or crotch either if I were a man.
  13. Did I mention cellulite and droopy boobs? Waxing sucks too...I've had to check to make sure I still had my clit after some bikini waxes!
  14. So i hear u girls complaining a/b your pain. My ob/gyn gave me the pills that reduce the cramps and it really works... i don't even remember what cramp is like.... may be u can ask yours to precribe u that?
    btw, if i could choose, i would defitely wanna be a guy. heheheh.
  15. All of a sudden Im on the other side of 35....the cramps SUCK....however, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a woman.